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August 06, 2007


Hi Dawn- love love love your page...I stop on EVERY day! :)

Ok pets...I have 2 cats Spooky and Oreo..both 1 year apart. Spooky is an all black 8 year old girl and Oreo is black on top and white underneath (she reminded me of an Oreo cookie) 7 yr old girl. Oreo doesn't come out of hiding until nightime when my husband and I are trying to sleep- that is when the attention is needed- and she DOESN'T give up until you snuggle with her! Spooky is a very outgoing cat, and loves to sleep either on your shoulder, in between your legs, etc...she is a skinny little black cat but very loveable. When I was pregnant with both my kids my cats were soooo overprotective....they acted like dogs do when they protect their owners...they used to lay on my belly and purr- kind of like they were trying to let the babies know that they were being taken care of and their mommy too! My cats have brought us nothing, but joy! My daughter Ava is almost 3 and those cats let her do just about anything she wants to them.....best pets I have ever had! :)

Thanks for letting me share...have a blessed day!


hi dawn,
I have way too many pets my DH says... he ctually told me I can't have another but I am in thede planning stage to get one in march.... A little shizu... but enough about my snicking another dog... I actually have two wonderful big dogs Cordie a husky mix and Diana a full blooded German shepard... boy do the germans love to chew... oh well that is another story. and oh by the way pick me pick me....

Hi Dawn
I come check out your blog everyday. I had a dog named Buddy for 15 years and then we had to put him down as he was getting sick. I now have a stuffed animal that reminds me of him.
Thanks for the work you put into your blog!

I have two cats, coco and sugar. They're old cats. They have to sleep on me at night. Sugar will meow and I'll tell him "Night Night" then he'll meow again and I'll say "I love you too!" then he settles down to lay on my chest. Coco loves laying with my 4 1/2 year old son. Both have blue eyes.

They are definitely my babies. They don't care too much for my husband, and neither does he.

I once had 7 cats at the same time. I have a picture on me sleeping on the bed with all 7 cats laying on me. All my cats have been that way with me.

We helped babysit a dog last Saturday. My son said later that night that he liked cats better than dogs. They don't jump on you (the dog was still a very young puppy) or chase after you.

I love the pictures of Bowzer. He's such a friendly, photogentic (sp?) dog.

What a sweet sweet dog!! Such a cutie. I don't have a pet yet (my building does not allow - can you believe it?) but we babysit the cutest persian cat for a couple months of the year. I love her -- she's not the sweetest cat around, but there is something endearing about her! One day I hope to have a cat and dog for pets!

My turn.. My baby's name is Cocoa Sakura Magnine of Warwick Circle South. CoCoa for short... We wanted to give her a long stage name - incase she goes into show business. She is almost 2 yrs old (Oct). A Chocolate lab with a very human personality. She can do all sorts of tricks from high-five to waving goodbye. Her fav sport is swiming and diving off the pier.. She is our little baby who snores all night and is a total bed hog. She also recently passed obedience school. She placed third out of 7 students (four of which did not show up for the test)hee hee hee.
We also have two red eared slider turtles each weighs about 1 pound. I've had them for 6 years. their hobbies are jumping for food and swimming.. and of course sleeping.

My dog is Pepper Louise. My husband, as a joke gave her a middle name and it stuck. She is 14 years old and can't hear but we love her.

Hi Dawn,

Well to go along with my five children, we must have pets, dontcha know! My story is about our first dog, Ben. He was a yellow lab, but his coat looked like caramels and cream. He was so handsome. My oldest, Jeremy, just loved him. I think my husband, Tom truly cherished him the most. I had three children in three years and good ol' Ben took each one in stride. I have pictures of all the children sleeping with him or laying on his belly to down their bottle! He always slept on the landing of the stairs. When he was four years old, he snapped at me when I was trying to help him into his favorite chair. I called the vet immediately because it was so out of character for him. I took him in and it was decided that he had cancer. I brought him home, but he was fading fast. He started having seizures and then would just lay there and whimper. I had to call my husband home from work, because I couldn't pick him up by myself. We took him back to the vet and had to have him put out of his misery. He was suffering. I stayed with him - my husband just couldn't bear it, but I was determined he would not die alone. It was heart wrenching and I don't believe my husband has ever recovered. The "angel" part of the story is this. We had all gone to bed upstairs just after New Years. I was tossing and turning, in and out of bed checking on the children. My husband finally woke up and wanted to know what my problem was. I told him I kept hearing this crying sound but it was none of the children. And I kept smelling something, like when you first turn your furnace on in the fall. He flew down the stairs and we found the back of our house on fire. There is absolutely no doubt in my mind, that what I heard was our angel, Ben, whimpering on the landing of the stairs. We all got out safely and damage was minimal, considering. We have a little ornament of a lab with wings and a halo that we hang on our Christmas tree every year now. We have more pets, now but it took us almost two years. Our old dog, Buddy (11), is a german shorthair, Clover (2)is a tortoise shell kitty, Fergi (6 mo.) is a lab/boxer mix, Tigger (9 wks.)is an orange/white tabby cat. All of our pets are adopted or rescued. We volunteer at a no-kill animal shelter that is also cage-free. The animals each (or sometimes pairs) have their own little room with a door and a comfortable chair for napping/lounging. It's a great place! Your Bowzer is a cutie - spoil him rotten, I say!! Our lives would not be the same without them, that's for sure. Have a sunny day...Lise

Love your cute dog! I always tell people that I live in Noah's ark! We have 2 dogs - Molly and Murray - and 2 cats - Max and Mushu. All the "M" names get a bit confusing at times but we love them all! Max is my "stamping cat!" His favorite place to be is in the middle of my stamping projects. His favorite place to nap is my Stampin' Scrub - so I finally just broke down and gave him one of his own! Life is better with pets!

WOW lise story sure did make me cry! Now then...

I have two black labs, Bullet who is 3yrs old and bullets son, Hunter who is 13 weeks old! Bullet quite the charmer, I originally bought bullet for my husdands birthday, but he is now taken to me. As soon as my husbands leaves for work in the morning Bullet hurries and jumps in his spot in the bed. When he first started doing this, I had no idea and would nudge him telling him to go to work, thinking it was my husband, when I realized it was bullet, well he looked at me with so sad eyes, like don't make me bet down. So needless to say I have let him do that. Though Hunter does not get in bed yet.........

I check in on your blog daily and love hearing about your adventures. Bowzer in da hood - that's just too funny:) We lost all 3 of our dogs some time ago, but we babysit a chocolate lab puppy "Hershey" for a friend now and then. He just melts our hearts because he's so cute and well-behaved. My favorite pet stamp is one I found online. The name is simply "dachshund head" but the mfr's name is not legible. It looks exactly like our sweet little "Bitzi", so I had to have it.
I'm counting the days along with you until your hubby gets back home again. Isn't life sweet? Keep up the great work here, I enjoy it so much! You rock!!

We don't have any pets now but we have had 3 labradors (one at a time) in the past. Names: Blackberry Brandy, Peach Brandy and (just) Brandy.
So sweet of you to offer Blog Candy.

Good Morning Dawn!

You puppy is soooooooooooo cute!! He looks like one of those Webkinz things Chloe has right now....lol Adorable!
LOVE the blog candy you are offering. I just bought some dog bone eyelets at a craft store last week to use with my Ruff Day set...this candy would be perfect with it ;)
We have a cute dog named Snickers. She used to be a reddish choc colour when we got her at 3 months but by a year she was GREY...rofl....people think she's like 10 but she's 3! Chloe dresses her up all the time too. Yesterday she had a shirt on her that said "Little Miss Attitude!" I think it was a Tinkerbell shirt from Disneyworld! LOL...too funny!
Hope you have a FANTASTIC day! I'm off to craft something other than cards today, I think anyway...haha

We have 3 pygmy goats for pets. They are 3 girls named Oreo, Honey & Winnie. They are so funny & make great pets. They follow us all around the yard when we let them out and when they hear my voice, they start talking to me. They make a 'baa'ing noise like a sheep. My husband thinks I am nuts, and probably the neighbors to, when I call out the window to them. :)

Good Mornign Dawn! In our household we have 2 dogs ~ Humphrey and Hillary. We also have 5 cats~ Tess, Tina, Tillie, Tahaiti and TaTianna. Humphrey is not the brightest bulb in the land.....he is 9 years old and thinks he is still a puppy and a lap dog (Hump weighs 70 lbs!). He is part Basenji and German Shepherd. It is the same with him when I come home, be it that I am gone 10 minutes or three days! He runs, jumps and barks for 10 minutes and then calms down. Our favorite story of dear ole' Hump (our nick name for him....since it is his favorite past time!) goes like this......Humphrey was just newly adopted from the Humane Society. Larry and I were married 7 months. We had invited our friend Fr. Ken (the priest who married us) over for dinner and drinks. Humphrey comes out of our bedroom with my purple undergarments in his mouth! (Seems I missed the hamper). Then proceeded to parade around the room with them. I had never been so embrassed or mad at this dog! Here I am chasing this dog, trying to get my underwear back!!!!! Ken and Larry on the other hand thought it was the funniest thing and they both wished they had a video camera cause they know they would have won some money on that show! Humphrey is my buddy and he has found a special place in our hearts!

Let's see I pretty much have one of everything, cats, dog, chickens, rabbits and fish...and no I don't live on a farm...I'm in the suburbs...I just have VERY understanding neighbors (and fresh eggs don't hurt...hee, hee).

Our goofy dog is Winter, she's part dog, part cat and part goat! Our day is never boring with her around.

Hi Dawn,
I check your blog daily and feel as though I know you because of it! I love the pictures of Bowser, he is one patient dog. I have a mini dachshund, Amber. She is totally devoted to playing with tennis balls. Any time with anyone. Her favorite is to "hide" behind a tree, chair..whatever and then pounce out when the ball is tossed. She is willing to play far longer than we are willing to throw the ball. The amazing thing is two years ago she suffered a back injury and was completly paralyzed in her back legs. Surgery from a wonderful doctor and several months of recovery and she is back in action with little evidence that she was ever injured. She brings a smile to my face every day. Jenny

Hi Dawn! I love your puppy. He is so cute. We have an Australian Shepherd that we got as a rescue. He was starved and underweight when we got him. After he was well, he became the original "spokespuppy" for Advantage. He has been to the Ricki Lake Show, Regis and Kathie Lee and Dave Letterman.
Have a great day! Kelly

Hi Dawn,
We had a beagle, Bobbie Sue for ten years, but she had leukemia a few weeks ago and was miserable so we put her down. I am enjoying my both my married daughter's dogs now. One daughter has a yellow lab, Cassie who is such a sweetheart! Our other daughter has 2 white pomeranians, PJ & Lulu who are such a blast!
Thanks for offering the cute blog candy!
Sandy Kay

What an adorable dog you have! I no longer have any pets, my precious Lacey passed away in 2006 and I miss her every day still. I'm working on a scrapbook for her, and that stamp would be perfect!

Hello Dawn, Great blog! We live on a farm and have pretty much *had* all the farm type animals as the kids were growing up. Now that its just the two of us, we have a small dog named Sam (because I missed not having a dog) so I prayed for one and God gave me Sam. He's a tiny dog, we have had him forever now. Thank you for a chance at the blog candy!

yes - he looks like a gansta dog! how FUNNY! We have Shelby (border collie mix and 9 yrs old) who is an attention HOG & is so sweet, wanting to be near you all the time. Chica (american shorthair cat) who is almost 7 yrs old. She walked up to our house one day & we took her in since she was not wearing a collar. She is chubby and only sweet on you when she wants food. Elsie is my baby (6 yrs old black & white) who we rescued as a kitten (ran across 4 lanes of opposite traffic during rush hour & survived!) and is a true scaredy cat because of it! She whines/whimpers a lot but it's cute and snuggles with me the minute I get home from work & sleeps with me every night. I named her after the Borden Cow Elsie but didn't realize until later that cow is brown/tan! Fun candy!!

Pets, ok I have a cat named Elsie, who is named after the Borden cow Elsie. Long story, any way she is 15 yrs old and still plays like a kitten. Her favorite thing to do is chase imaginary bugs (or something). She tears around my apartment like she is running for her life and then she always goes onto my end table in the corner and stares at the wall like there is something there. I think she is physco. She is very spoiled of course. Give Bowser a kiss and hug for me.

Hi Dawn - Love your blog!

My dog is Libby Lu...she's a Jack Russell terrier. She LIVES to play catch with the tennis ball. You throw it, she chases it and/or catches it, brings it back and places it into your hand...repeat...about 100 times. She also loves to sleep under the covers - except she sleeps crosswise in the bed, thus taking up more than her "fair share". All in all, she's a great dog. We love her!

What a cute dog! Okay here's my info.... I have a red daschund named Buster. (Just like the one on Toy Story) I bought him for Tori just before her 2nd Bday. We also have a 14 YO cat named Friskie and a tank full of fish. It's a zoo at our house.

Mary (toao)

Dawn, Love your site, check in almost every day. No pets for us as we move a lot. We spend time in AZ and IL near our grown up kids and grand kids. We had lots of pets when our childern were growning up. Candy a white poodle was my daughter's favorite and Boots a black and white cat was my son's favorite. Really like the tailgating wheel. Counting the days with you till your honey gets home and praying for safety. Mary Binder

I have 2 dogs,My dog is a sheltie ,her name is Duchess beacuase she is the queen of the house LOL. The other one is Tucker,a golden lab, And loyal friend.

Hi Dawn,
I enjoy visiting your blog on a daily basis to see your fun creations and what you are up to.

I have a dog named Cosmo. He's an 11 year old German shepherd/Golden retriever mix who still acts like he's a puppy. I think he's pretty amazing considering he's had a number of major surgeries in the past few years and always manages to bounce back and be better than ever. There are a few pictures of him on my blog if you want to see him for yourself.

Oh My Gosh....He is so adorable (but I've told you that before :)...I'm sure Rich him very much....22 more days !!! Three weeks one day !!!! I'm so excited !! Love you my friend

We have 2 pets. Our dog Duke was supposed to be pure lab, however, he is mixed with something that has caused him to grow to the size of a small horse, well close to that anyway, he's huge!!! Then just a couple months ago, we inherited a cat name Scruffy from friends of ours who moved out of province and didn't want the hassles of taking her.

I have two beautiful cats. We adopted Hobbs seven years ago and what a joy he has been. He is an orange tabby with beautiful stripes and yellow green eyes. He is sitting with me right now, he loves to sit with me while at the computer. Calvin was adopted six years ago. He has coloring similar to a siamese but with white on the mouth, paws and the tip of his tail. He is a true fraidy cat and likes to sit with me while I stamp. My favorite stamp set is Meow Meow. I used it for my father's day card and decor. Lucy

This is a good one, because I love talking about my purebred silver persian cat, Ribmountain Precious Belle. Belle is 9 years old and when she was a kitten, she "adopted" a pet string. Yup, a piece of string - 1/4" thick by about 3 feet long. Every day, she picks up her string and takes it to the food dish and the string stays there all day "eating". At night, Belle picks up the string and takes it to bed with her so it can sleep.

HEE Bowzer in the hizzay! Our doggie's name is Friday and he is half sneaky neighbour cocker spaniel and half lab/terrier mix. He's basically lab in look and temperament and cocker spaniel in size. When my daughter was tiny and first started talking the first thing I would hear on the monitor every morning was a sweet little "day-day? day-day?" Not mommy. Not daddy. Day-Day! We always used to threaten to put Friday in charge of her care and feeding and see how long he was her favourite. Friday on the other hand, not that fond of her until he figured out that she was a walking talking source of food.

Awwww. he is sooo cute!!!

Well I work at a veterinary hospital so I LOVE animals. I have two cats. "Roux" who is 5. I adopted him from the vet hosp. I work at he was our hospital cat for about a year or so when I first started working there. I now have an 8 week old kitten who (surprise, surprise) I also adopted from the vet hosp. I work at. Her name is "Georgia" a client found her and brought her in and I fell in love with her.

We have had a few dogs in the past. A jack rusell/mini schnauzer mix, and a greyhound.

I love animals and am lucky to work aroud them and get to see them everyday.

Thanks for sharing the adorable pictures and blog candy!!!

Hi Dawn ~
I love seeing pictures of Bowzer and hearing HIS stories. I have 2 chocolate labs, Sable and Izzy, so I can appreciate how much you love him and how cute he is. We kept a puppy from last years litter and had a birthday party for her in July. She had Dora birthday hats and the whole works. Wish I had a way to post a picture to show you ~ My 16 y.o. son even wore a Dora hat and posed in the picture. I have her birthday picture on my desktop and my oldest son who just returned home from working out of state all summer seen it and says, "Tell me you didn't have a birthday party for Izzy!"

Hi Dawn, I just was talking to my son about our dog, Bruno. He is a llasa apso and he thinks he is a cat. He prowls around the furniture and sits on the back of a huge chair and watched out the window all day. He has also been known to curl up on the end of our bed for the night. And I thought I got a dog from the shelter, not a cat!!

I love my twi chihauhau's Thier names are Maggi and Tiko. Maggi weighs 6 pounds and tiko weighs a whopping four pounds. Tiko is what they call a blue chihauha and maggi is white. They are my babies.

I have the most wonderful soppy baby in my Boxer, Nicodemus. He was 8 on the 1st of this month and celebrated with a feast of roast beef and pigs ears with an ice cream cone as a birthday treat. He acts so much like a child, he climbs on your knee for kisses, sulks when he gets left at home and shortly after my dd was born, I woke up one night to find 6 stone of Boxer curled up in the Moses basket on the floor (have to stress their was no baby in it at the time!), just to let me know he was still my baby too!

Hey Dawn!! CUTE gangsta doggy ;) I used to dress up my dog as a kid in whatever girly clothes I could find. She hated it and tried to get it off as quick as possible. :)

Well, we have 1 dog (2 yr. old Shar-Pei/Autralian Shepherd mix), 2 bunnies, 2 cats, and 1 fish. The bunnies are for my girls. I LOVE dogs as I had the BEST dog ever for 13 yrs. :)

Oh, pets! Well, when your grandchildren don't live nearby, you have to have something to spoil! I have Buzz, a 14 yo grandcat. And Ali and Rascal, both LhasaPoos. Only Aly, 13, is 22 lbs. and Rascal, 10 mo, is only 5 lbs. Wonderful lap dogs and antidepressants. Love, love, love your blog. May God richly bless your husband, your marriage and your family.....and you, of course.

Our family has two fur babies. Rookie a BIG black lab, and Smokey Boots a black and white cat. All of our critters have always been named after fire names. Our dalmatians we finally had to put down after 14 years were Pumper and Rescue. We sure loved those spotted babies so much. Miss them today still..

Good evening Dawn

Just wanted to let you know that I LOVE YOUR BLOG....I stop in daily and just love the other blogs you recommend.

Bowzer is too cute, I just love how he let's you dress him and doesn't mind showing off. He's truly a companion anyone would love to have and knows he's the center of attention.
I used to have a white shepard, Tazz. Found Tazz at Meijers, "they have everything" lol. I would tell Tazzy to "tend sleep" and he'd lay his head down on a pillow and start snoring. I'd also play a game by asking him if he loved mama and he'd respond by, woowoo, then I'd go down the list, do you love daddy, woowoo, do you love Jenn, no answer, do you love Sarah, woo woo, do you love Dave, woowoo, Tazzy do you love Jay, again he'd, woowoo. Each time he'd woowoo, except for when Jenn's name was said, he would be quiet. Didn't matter where I put Jenn's name, he wouldn't woowoo. Sarah's friend couldn't believe it and would ask me to do it everytime they would come over to visit. Tazzy went to doggy heaven 8 years ago, never replaced and will never be forgotten. I'm the proud Grandmaof: 5 goldfish, 3 cats, 1 dog, 4 Granddaughters and 1 Grandson.


Hey girl, just stopping by to say hi!! love those pictures of Bowzer, he's gotta be half human!!
Talk to ya soon!

Bowzer in a hoodie....I must show this to my DH! And I can't believe he still has the friendship bracelet on! Wowzer Bowzer! (Sorry, I couldn't resist).

My dog is a larger than normal Sheltie, and his name is Shadow. He follows us around like a shadow, and he is from Canada.

Thanks for the candy op.

Hi Dawn,

I just love your blog page, you are the first blog I came across when looking at all the many talented stampers.

Our dog is about 5 yr old he is a mix of cocker spaniel and peekeniese. Fred is the best dog we've ever had, good with kids and listens to anything you tell him to do. We've always had boxers in the past, but if I could find another Fred I would have to have it. Thanks for the candy and tell your DH we hope he gets home save, soon. Till next time, God Bless.

Cody is a lab chow mix that I rescued and is my 4 legged child. I also volunteer at an exotic animal sanctuary and help take care of almost 200 animals. The past month I have been fostering a pot bellied pig that the mom rejected. Her name is Porche and she is actually sitting on my lap as I type this.

I have a little black and white shitzu named Tubby. He is 8 years old this month. My husband got him for me when our youngest son started college. He helped me get through my empty nest saddness. He is like a two year old child, he follows me everywhere including the bathroom. I let him outside to go potty and he jumps against the door to let me know he wants back in. If my hubby lets him in he runs right past him and searches for me. He acts like he hasn't seen me for ages. I have to pick him up and he kisses my face over and over. I love him so much. I take him to visit my mother. He loves to ride in the jeep. He can roll down the windows by himself. He knows what button to push. My mom tells him to sing and he jumps in her lap and starts to howl. She loves that. I also have 2 goldfish that I have had for 17 years. They are in a 55 gallon tank and they have grown to be about 6 to 7 inches long. I love pets and would love to have more.

Used to have dogs but now just fish. BUT my favorite animal stamp set has got to be Wild About You!!! Love your website too.

Hey Dawn. I have 2 big boy dogs. One is named Paris but I call him Pooky. The other is Moses. I found Moses in the bushes, abandoned in a field when he was a puppy.

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