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August 27, 2007


LOVIN' Army Wives! See ya in about 45 min at school LOL.....XOXO

Okay....the Boo card is adorable !!!
Yes...Whitney's shoes do look like Barbie's :)
Samson is so sweet (but I'm a little partial to golden retrievers)
Those baby pictures are a scream...how cute are you (nothing has changed)
I'm freaking out right along side of you.....48 hours !!!!!!!!

I LOVE Army Wives, but I don't have cable...so I sometimes go over to a friend's house. Last night, too tired, she texted me little snippets! I NEED to find that show on DVD!!!!

Good Morning!
Ok you got me crying here, reading about Rich...OMG I'm such an emotional freak! LOL! I'm most excited about him coming home for you and Jessie!
Hope she has a wonderful first day of school. Hopefully this will help pass the time til her Dad arrives.
That googley eyed card is cute! Great idea your friend had!
Have a fantastic day!

I am so excited for you!! Only a couple of more days till your DH is here. I am sure we won't mind if you take a short break from your blog to spend some valuable time with your DH and daughter. Enjoy yourself..

OMG Dawn! You must be sooo happy & full of energy! Don't know what to do with yourself for the next 48 hours, right? I'm happy for you, you've waited long enough! Have fun!!!!
Cute card.

Hey girl,
holy cow....48 hours..I know you've got to be soo excited!!! You look so cute with Samson....pink is a good color for you! Sad I missed the Army Wifes...but lets discuss the fall schedule so we can compare notes on some other shows. Can't believe we still have a month but that probably works perfect for you.....and last but not least....Sooooo happy you have your computer back!
Have a super day...xoxo

Wow, time sure did fly and he'll be home on Wednesday! That is so awesome!

Love Army Wives!! I was a Navy wife for over 15 years, so it brings back lots of memories because it doesn't matter where your husband serves, they all deploy. Kinda like you, Ms. Dawn, so I know just how you are feeling right now. Have a great time with your sweetie :)

Less than 48 hours!!! Wooo hooo! I think I CAN hear your heart beating faster girl! And I'm so excited for you!

Love the baby pics!! Pam's Halloween card is so cute as well!

Well, it's only 33 hours as I type this! Oh I know you are so excited! Hope Jessie had a terrific 1st day and congrats on getting your computer back!
I stumbled across Army Wives about 4 weeks ago and I am totally hooked! I love it!

So glad your husband is on his way home to you!!! I'm really excited for you!!

Love the Boo card!

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