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July 17, 2007


Good Morning!
You're right! Rich is very handsome! That's awesome that his friend would do his haircut for free. Great pic of you in your skates!! AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME job on your weightloss! Keep it up!

oh my gosh, look at you in 1983...Too cute!!! I'm so glad you shared those with us, I love pictures!! Congrats on losing those 31 lbs!!!! Tell your hubby hello, love the trash bag...wink wink

Wow! So cute, it's great to look back on pic's like that, isn't it? Congrats on losing 31 lbs! Hubby comes home in 42 days!!!
It will be here before you know it. Like his hair cut by the way. Thanks for sharing.


Congrats on losing 31 lbs!!! woohoo

Okay, now this is really quite funny, I thought I was the only one still alive that did figure roller skating!! HA...I took lessons from 4th grade to 8th grade, and my mom made my goofy skating costumes BUT I had boot covers that matched! I even broke my ankle roller skating in the driveway one Saturday morning. AAHHH memories


ok, ok, now that i've stopped laughing, jk!

what a great accomplishment back then in 1983! i never would have believed you since you've gone thru both knee replacement surgeries. If I didn't know better, I almost thought you used one of those photoshops.

Richard looks great and I bet he'll look so much more handsome in person, which is in 42 days! Yipee!

Your mom is so talented making those professional looking costumes!

So since you've lost all this weight, I bet you can't wait to get a new wardrobe for the new you.

The hair cut looks good and I love the photos of you! Looks like you were hot stuff!

Okay, Miss Dawn, time for a new photo on your blog that shows the new beautiful you! "You look Fabulous, Dahling!" Your hubby will fall in love all over again when he gets home.

Rich's haircut looks great! They sure know how to make do with what they have over there, don't they?

You're lookin' great girl!! Congrats on the weight loss!!

Gosh....I would have loved to be a skater like yourself, when I was younger!! I was more into ice skating, though. Now I enjoy inline skating. You look so cute in those pictures! Thanks for sharing them. ;)

Congrats on your weight loss! I know it is a struggle and I commend you :O)

I am not so sure I am brave enough to show pictures of me from back when, but these are awesome...great accomplishments :O) Thanks for sharing!

OMG Dawn. Love the before and after pictures.

Great pictures Dawn. You look great! Hubby's haircut looks great too. Wow! roller-skating... Great costumes! BTW! Thanks for your e-mail...

You are absolutely fabulous! :)

Applause, applause, applause! I used to twirl a baton and your photos bring back many fond memories. Can you feel my smile? TFS, girl!
Have you checked Desert Flier's blog? They have a little hedgehog friend now. I didn't know they had those in Iraq.

Love the photos...and congrats on your weight loss, what was your plan? Maybe I can finally be inspired...

Jus' Mo

Great photos! Thanks for sharing!!

Two thumbs up on the 31 lbs loss! woo hoo!

Congratulations on your weight loss, you rock! I'm so excited that your hubby will be coming home soon. Congrats on your last day of PT too!!

Such Cute Pictures. My nephew did roller skating competition too. My daughter was a champion clogger. Love the outfits.

Love the Skating pics! I did that too back in the 80's...I did not the figure skating part of it...I was more into the Freestyle! Love your creativity! Thanks for sharing!

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