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July 19, 2007


Yeah, I went grocery shopping yesterday to get everything I need for our Eastsider's club meeting on Friday! YIPEE, it's my turn to be the hostess!!!! So after dinner tonight, I'll be preparing all the delicious dishes for us to splurge on at the meeting since some of the receipes require them to be made a day ahead of time. Then when I get home from work on Friday I can just load up and go set up at our meeting place, which is so generous of Trish to let us use even when it's not her hostess month! YEAH!!!!!

Good Morning!
LOL @ that card! It's soooooooo cute! Your work with that set just AMAZES me everytime. I really need to use your idea of white gel pen in the circles of the cuttlebugged piece. It's a small detail but really adds to the card! Good luck on your last day at PT. Have fun at your Eastsider's meeting this week. That sounds like a BLAST!

LOL! Love that card! I've got to get that set out and play with it. You've had some awesome creations with it which is why I bought it! So glad it didn't go away!

Your card is so cute. Once again, you made an awseome card using Mr. Crabby. :) Congratulations on this being your last day of PT for your knee. I hope your feeling great Dawn. By the way, the pictures of you came out wonderful. You have lost a lot of weight. You look even more lovely then you already did. Your hubby's pictures came out great! He looks so handsome.



You've been tagged! :)

*LOL* that card is so fun! i love it. Great colours, too!

Hey girl,
I just nominated you for "Rockin' Girl Blogger!!!!

What a lucky guy to get a cutie pie card like that. How can he NOT miss you?! I can already hear you laughing and giggling (even tho' i don't even know how you sound - hahaha) whenever you go n' see him, even tho' your working your heart off, deep inside, you're still gigglin' cause you're thinking of Mr. Crabby pants all the while... tee hee... i remember that card that Jan made for you... but like I said, don't ever think twice about you not being missed by him, I'm sure you were the "light" of his weeks.... glad to hear that it's "pau hana" for you....


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