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July 14, 2007


Hi Dawn!
Looks like you all had a great time! Luved the slime bit.
Can you find out how to make that purse card you posted today. I'm just attempting to do a card & my daughter would love that card. My very first card is to Jen in Hawaii for helping me out with my blog, but I can't post it till she gets it. I don't want her to have a sneek peek. Will post at another date. Thanks


Those are some beautiful RAK's Dawn!

It's fun to read those 7 facts about you. Awesome!

Fun pics too!!

hey girl,
here's a little info...I had Chase on 11-23-92 and we came home from the hospital on Thanksgiving Day. Sorry you were in the hospital that day....and in Tenn.....I sure know what I was doing. I have the video of Dave and I trying to dress Chase for the car ride home...it took us 45 minutes...we were laughing so hard.

of course I could spot you - you have soo many pretty hats! =0) Love the photos, everyone looks like they are having a great time. All that food....yummy!!! I've never seen ANY slimed Pastors in my entire life, so thank's for that - what a great sport. Give him a big aloha hug n' and smooch for me - all the way from Hawaii!! You got lovely goodies in the mail too, and I'm sure you're right about them being even prettier in person - lucky you!!! You're such a sweetie, that's why!!

as for your hootin' tootin' facts, wahoo baby girl... these are great toots!!! Love that you were regional figure roller skate champion.... makes me laugh, cause I only "dreamed" about being a roller skate champion... now I KNOW one!!! I feel so special now... you are the bomb, GF!!!

hugs to you babe,

Hi Dawn,

It is always so nice to learn more about you. Thanks for sharing. :)


Awesome post for the day! Love all of it from the cards to the slime!

Hi, the purse card is a die cut that I cut out at my local scrapbook store. BTW, I know you can't tell in the pic but it's super tiny! Cute and tiny. Thanks for the interest.

Lovely to learn more about you, sweetie!

*I* think we need to see pictures of you in your skating costumes!!!! :)

Hi Dawn,
Was the card made by Debbie a geranium flower stamp? I am a third generation geranium lover! Let me explain.... My Grandmother who is 97 grew geraniums, then my mother & now myself. I have never found a stamp with a geranium flower on it. Is there a way to contact her to find out if it is & where I can purchase one?
Stampingly yours,
Ann from Illinois


Yes this is a geranium stamp from Lockhart Stamp Co. #L2050 that I purchased on
www.ellenhuston.com She also has a very nice blog besides the web store.

She has a nice sample on the website as well.

You also might want to try Gina K's blog/stamps or maybe the company who bought the old Angie-B line (maybe smARTworks???)for other geranium stamps.

Hope this helps,

Thanks for the info. on the geranium stamp!

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