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June 11, 2007


Good Morning! That card made me laugh as soon as your site loaded! Love it! I think the dots coloured look GREAT! I couldn't see the spots and dots on the black otherwise. Awesome job! I didn't know that Applebees had WW on the menu. Wonder if ours does here in Canada? Will check it out! Thanks for the info. Hope your husband stays safe. I'm always thinking of everyone! Good luck at the gym. I'm going to get on my exercise equipment today too. Three weeks til our Cali vacation...YIKES...gotta get in shape!

Awe...your Lucky Duck is so cute! You sure are rockin' those brights.

Yay for you on the WW! That's great! And it's so wonderful to hear how well you are doing with your new knee!

We continue to pray for the troops every day!!

I am soo glad to hear your husband is okay! So incredibly scary. Congratulations on your WW start. I just started the KimKins diet (like Atkins but healthier). I feel great...and am finally starting to lighten up, ha, ha!

What a hysterical silly stamp! Loving this cutie!

I was just catching up on your blog (having been traveling for a bit)...and wanted to give you a big hand for your WW endeavors. I am a life time member, but have just gone back for the last couple of months...talk about sliding! (sliding UP!!) It is a great program and so much easier with a buddy! Hooray for Jessie!! You will both feel soooo good!!

You are all in my thoughts and prayers. Our DD is in Afghanistan--so I spend a good bit of time at her home helping with the kids. Hang in there...your hubby is a good man!!

Awesome card!
I can't wait to get you the 3 pkgs of cards from Alayna's school for the troops over there. It's the least we can do for all they do for us.
Good luck on your weight loss program. I'm sure the 2 of you will be successful because you have each other to count on and you are not doing it alone.

Dawn, your cards are so bright and cheerful. I just love them!

Hi Dawn,

I have looked at this set of stamps a hundred times and I have never liked it. Leave it to you to make not just one but two fanatastic cards using this set. I *love* every thing about the duck card you made.
Good luck to you and Jessie using the weight watches program. Thier frozen meals are delicious.


Super cute card. Love the colors, just go well with the ducky... TFS!
Thinking of you and your hubby and all the others over there...

This stamp reminded me of Howard the Duck! All that is missing is the cigar in his mouth. (I am a comic book fan)

My son just adopted a duckie named Filbert and takes him to Menards with him. I think he's channeling JOey.

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