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June 19, 2007


Good morning!! Very cute card, can't believe you haven't showed us that sooner!!

Gabbie LOVES the show "Little People, Big World". She had softball last nite (team colors...PURPLE and white LOL) and was worried we wouldn't make it home in time to watch it!

So glad to hear about Rich getting his own room. Its gonna be so much nicer for him!

What a great card, black and white, how perfect for a Zebra, and he is so cute

OMG, Dawn, I am at work trying to pull up Paul Potts to listen to him sing again, I saw him on Good Morning America and I could not get it to load quick enough so I thought let see what Dawn is doing!!! And there you are with my video of Paul Thanks so much!!! I think he is such an inspiration don't you. I cried the first time I saw it!! I just love it. He is just a regular joe, but just like all of us he has an unbelievable gift from God just waiting pour out. But to have the courage to live your dream to go for it!! Wow, we can all learn from him. If we were all just brave enough to go for it you know what I mean!! What a blessing, God works in such mysterious ways doesn't he. Thanks again Girlfriend, you always know what we need. XOXOX

You and your hubby are such an inspiration! I feel for you and I thank you both for what you are doing for our country. You are true heros!! Hang in there girlie!!!

Girl, love this card!! I'm going to CASE this for my DL's bday...is this ok?

Love your zebra card, and that's great news about your DH!! Awesome!!

Yeah for Richard getting a room!

Gotta love that white gel pen doodles, eh?

Since all my regular shows ended for the summer, I haven't had time to watch anything new between taking care of the puppies, which will be 6 weeks old this Sunday and working full time, and just getting around to planting the 5 flats of flowers I bought 6 weeks ago, sending out Alayna's thankyou cards from her communion party, passing out pictures, squeezing in stampin' in this hot sticky heat, and so on and so on.

I can't wait for Carol's hostess club meeting this Saturday, bring on the Kaluha Mud Slides!

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