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June 07, 2007


That's a wonderful post! So good to hear your knees are without pain - isn't it great how God gives Drs the wisdom to know how to do all these complicated surgeries that can bring healing?! Have a blessed day!

cool card!!

I love your Father's day card! POP is looking real good!! The little shirt is so cute!

I'm so happy to hear such a great report about your knee! Keep healin', and I'll keep praying for ya! ;)

I too had surgery 4 years ago. The numbness in my knee took 3 years to go away. That is the weirdest feeling isn't it? Hang in there. Mine was just a torn cartilege but it was so numb. You are doing great. Can't wait to see your new SU creations.
Dawn B.

Ramble on, Dawnie Dear. You deserve it. So great to hear the good news.

Big Big Hugs,

Silly girl, silly, silly, you're not rambling, you're blogging, eh?
All kidding aside, do we expect to see a tutorial on how you made this fabulous Father's day card?
Or, are you going to save it for a club meeting &/or class? In any event, it's awesome with the new designer papers.
On a side note, school related, Alex had his 6th Grade Awards Assembly this morning and he got (are you ready?) drumrollllllllllllllllll:
Citizenship Honor Roll
Academic Honor Roll
Perfect Attendance
Now mind you, he got all 3 awards for the ENTIRE YEAR!
We had a row of 10 seats reserved for all the family that came! It was so awesome seeing him on stage getting that kind of recognition, kwim?
Say do you know if they have foot/ankle surgery remedy like your knee? The nerve in my foot is just killing me and for overcompensating, now my left foot has the same problem inside with the bigger nerve that goes to your feet. OUUUUUUUUUUch!

That card is too cute! I'm sure your husband will love it whenever it gets to him.
Glad to hear your knee is feeling better too.

That's GREAT Dawn!! :) I'm happy for you. Oh, and that card is so cute! Those shirts are soo much fun to do. :) Enjoy your weekend!!

Love, lovely, lovely - lovely post and lovely card. I love hearing about your progress, and I'm sure everybody else does too! So keep up the great work, sister - and bring it on home when daddy comes home. =0)

Lots of Hugs,

How did you make that shirt?

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