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May 10, 2007


Good luck today and prayers for a speedy recovery. Will check back to get an update on your surgery.{{(hugs}}

Good Luck today!! Will be thinking of you. Cute book!! I'll be looking forward to your post on Sunday. Big hugs!
Dawn Easton

Oh my goodness, this is soooo cute! Hope your surgery went well, been thinking 'bout you!

I'm praying for you kiddo !! Just think, soon you'll be the bionic woman !!

Love you

Blessings for your surgery! May God guide the surgeon's hands & give him wisdom!

Good luck with your surgery today, Dawn. I'll be thinking about you. And I love the crab card you sent. Thank you!

Warm thoughts of you and prayers for your speedy recovery! See you on Sunday!

Hi all! I just talked to Jessie and Dawn is out of surgery and doing good. She had to be awake during the surgery because she ate a piece of bread this morning to take her pills...oops!...so the couldn't knock her out. Jess said Dawn sent her home for her IPOD so she had something to listen to. I can't wait to hear Dawnies version!! I'll post again when I get more news. Have a great day all and thanks for all the prayers for my cousin!!! XOXO

May God be with you today and during your recovery! Please tell me you are going to session one so I can meet you! I love your blog and your upbeat attitude! This hinge idea is AWESOME!


Hey there, I'm so happy she's out of surgery and doing well! Tell her we love her!!

Tell Dawn I already miss her posts. Get well soon.

I talked to Dawnie about an hour ago and read her all the wonderful posts from everyone. It really brightened her spirits. She is doing wonderful. She has already been up and walking and her therapist has her hooked up to the machine that moves her knee round and round. She found out something very interesting about her Therapist....but I'll let her be the one to share! Thanks again for all the prayers. I'll post again tomorrow unless Jessie beats me to it. XOXO

Glad to hear things went well! thanks for posting ruthie!

Thanks so much for keeping us updated, Ruthie! I'm so happy to hear Dawn's surgery went well, and continue to pray for a speedy recovery.

Hi girls,

Just sitting here reading all the wonderful posts and I had a thought. Obviously we are all praying and thinking of Dawn today. What about Jessie? I don't think any of us (myself included) have stopped to think about how hard all of this is on her. Jessie is dealing with her mom in the hospital for several days, a big project at school and the spring concert Friday, not to mention her daddy is thousands of miles away and not here to give her a hug when she needs it. Here's my idea, lets all send Jessie a card of encouragement. I know she wants her mom at the concert tomorrow, I'll be there, her grandma will be there....not quite the same as mom. She is such a capable and "together" kind a of kid but she has a lot on her shoulders right now. If you are one of the few who do not have Dawns address please email me and I will give you a mailing address. krgbs@yahoo.com Just put Dawn or "favorite cousin" in the title and I'll read it LOL. Okay, right about now I'm praying Jessie doesn't read these posts LOL. XOXO

So glad to see the good reports! I've been thinking about her all day. Thank you Ruthie and Jessie for keeping us "blog junkies" informed. :)
Susan in TX

So glad to hear you are doing well Dawn. Glad your surgery is over and praying you have a smooth an uneventful recovery. Happy Mom's Day to all if I do not get back before then.

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