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May 02, 2007


Good morning Dawn, So sorry for the loss of so many retiring sets. But like you I look forward to the new catalog and new rubber. I joined SU Oct. 31,07 so I only lost 36 sets. Not too bad. That is a lot of cards for the troops. I am going to make a wild guess of 3,333.

Wow Dawn that's a lot of cards. My guess is 2,576.
It is sad so many sets are retiring. Can't wait to see the new ones.


Such a nice response. My guess is 2,538. I wonder how many boxes it will take to send hmmmmmm!


Hi Dawn, My guess for the card total is 3,251. Have a great day!

I am going to guess 4,018. Am I close!

That is absolutely amazing! Barb, you rock girl! Maybe you could post her address (if that's okay with her) so we can all send her a little something. 322 cards is A LOT!!!! I would love to send her a little goody to say thanks!

My guess is 1,997. I'm probably low but that was the first number that popped into my head so I'll stick with it!

Hey Dawn, thanks sooo much for hosting Operation Glitter Drop. My jaw dropped to the floor when I heard about how many sets you will lose. But I too am so excited to see what SU has up their sleeves. My guess is 2007, although it sounds low when I look at that pic of cards on your floor. It's like Halloween candy for stampers! You are a blessing to all those troops, thanks again for being a Stampin' Angel!


Wow that is amazing, way ta go for organizing this for the troops! My guess is 3125:)

Wow!! What a lot of cards
My guess would be 2,738

What an awesome sight! I'll guess 3190.

Hi Dawn....I am going to guess 2313. Please be sure to keep us posted on some of the reactions Rich gets as he plays Santa Card E Claus. I am getting some more together for you. Thanks

My guess would be 2,236. Can't wait to hear the reaction!

Wow! I'm not going to guess as high as the other ladies. I'm thinking, ummm...650.

NO matter how many you have received everyone involved should be so proud of themselves!

Wow, just look at all those cards!!! I'm going to guess 1945. Great job Dawn!

My guess is 3,212. I am so happy for you to be sending the cards off. It will be fun for him to receive and start giving them out. Cheryl B. Ellensburg, WA

My guess is 1876...way to go ladies!!

I am going to guess 3,605. Autumn's birthdate! Can't hurt. Great job in collecting all those cards! Rich is going to be a "WANTED" man for sure!

That's a lot of cards!!!! Love it!! My guess is 2678!

OMG! I won? I can't begin to tell you how wonderful, exciting, awesome it was to open your blog today and see my name as the #2 winner. Congrats to Barb Mann #1 winner!
This is so awesome because I had just gotten done with fighting with "City Hall" over my $434.17 water bill for 8 days 83 units. I don't think so! Let the battle begin, KWIM?
Ok, enough rambling, I swear I was so mad I could have gone postal (no offense), good thing I wasn't arguing on my cell phone while driving.

Anywho, my guess for the total would be ......................................................... 1,232?
Hopefully that's close enough without going over, but it is what it is.

i say 1550 cards...

man i bet your post man was exausted...

Wow! That's an impressive amount of cards. My guess isn't quite as high as some of the others but I'll guess 850 cards.

Let's see, how about 879? That's my guess as to how many you've received.
Thanks, Chris

I would say you have about 2,007 cards. Those guys over there will be so thrilled. I can't wait to hear about some of there responses. Good job ladies!

I would have to guess 2569! I hope I am close!

Wow, what a wonderful gift to the soldiers and other workers over there, I guess, 2711

Hi Dawn! It's great that so many cards came in for the good cause!! My guess is 3411 cards total.

Wowser that is a lot of cards! My guess would be 1,724.

Okay, I'm going high. I think there are 4583 cards. No matter how many, what a wonderful response you got for this great project.

Here's my guess: 1,225...that's a LOT of cards. WOOHOO!!!!

My guess is 1432 cards. I lost 87 sets and 20 wheels. Just think of all those wonerful new sets to come!!! Yipee


Hi Dawn! My guess is 1,752 cards. What an awesome pile of cards for the troops. I wish I could come and look at each one with you!

Hi! I'll guess 1,182. Thanks!

I am guessing 2739. That's a good number, right? :) Sirah

WOW!! What a pile!!
I will guess 1,148 cards...

Wow! There are so many cards! Your doing such a great job! I would have to say that there are 2,952 cards there ;)

I dont think I have seen so many cards in one pile before--my guess is 5,000.

Lots of support for our troops. They sure deserve it. My guess is 2,777

HI...so wonderful how many cards you got!! My guess is 1825 cards.

I am going to guess 1500. I am so impressed with that pile. You did good.

Great Job Everyone!! My guess is 1,444. I really have not idea. Laura

hmmmm... I am terrible at these things..but...how about 2917?

hmmm my wild guess is 2,631

Troop pride:) My guess is 1,531

I would have to guess that there is around 1980 cards! Congrats to all that made these wonderful cards for this wonderful cause!!

Wow-look at how many happy people will receive these cards! I guess 520 cards!

my guess is 4325 cards
That is a lot of cards Good job everyone.
hope those troops enjoy them as much as us

I'm going to guess 1007 cards. That is amazing. Good job everyone!

Emily A

Wow! That's a lot of cards. I'll guess about 1000 cards.

ok I will guess... 2,639

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