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May 24, 2007


I think it was Sawyer that died or maybe that is who Kate it with, when she says "He'll be wondering where I am". Hmmmm . . . I don't know. It was a GREAT finale! So I quess you were right about it starting back up in Feb. I was so sad to hear it. What will I do for the next 9 months!

Your shaker card is adorable! I must get some of those CD envelopes. ;)

Great news about your knee! Prayers are workin', and we'll keep sending them your way!

This is a great card. Mr Crabby Pants looks right at home. Great idea. I have looked at those envelopes many times and wondered what I could do with them. Thanks for sharing.
Dawn B.

Oh my gosh, I love your Mr Crabby pants!!!! You are soooo creative!!
As for Lost,you know my thoughts...Wow, so many questions? Who was in the casket that he wouldn't open it and now one showed up...no family no friends? How will they ever answer all our questions? Poor Sawyer...what a troubled dude! What did you think when he said "I didn't believe him" (after he shot the bad guy)?

Love your blog. I visit all the time.

As for Lost, great season finale.

I hurt seeing Jack like that. My hb seems to think it was Ben in the casket. That's why no one bothered to go to the viewing. Nobody cared.

I hope Charlie is not dead.

well with most of the bad otheres gone it will be intresting to see how they band together now! I think the "boat" will come and it will be bad guys and everyone on the island will band together to get rid of them. I cried over Charlie as well.. I dont know why he didn't hold his breath and go out the hole the water made?!? it was sad that no one is together when they get off the island! they are all great freinds now! I guess i want them to stay on the island!?! I just wish ben was a little more forthcomming and would tell them everything about the island maybe then they would want to stay!

I think it was Ben that died, hense the reason no one showed up. I think Sawyer is hooked up with Kate. And I really hope that next season they don't start showing us little clips from the future. Save those for the end of the season finales or something.

Great card, because of you I ended up buying that set and I can't wait to go home and make a bunch of these cards.

Awesome card, especially since I made one at your class and got so hooked I bought a hugo box of those cd covers!

oh!!! I just love your crabby pants creations, you just keep bringing great ideas outtah that beautiful head of your's! I'm loving everyone single one of them!!!

As for LOST!!! OMGosh!!!! Charlie....I was sick to my stomach!!! I hope that by some miracle he will come back alive - cause that guy with the eye patch, he died once, right? Or is he some kinda "xmen" that can't die? ARGH! That would make me MAD!!! As for who died....I thought at first it was Sawyer, but then when Kate said that she was with someone...yea, I thought she was with Sawyer instead. Didn't she look odd with make-up? Hahaha, thought she looked so much prettier as plain Kate stuck on the island. But ok, well - yea, I think it might've been Ben that died.... cause no one showed up. But why would Jack show up? why would he care? why did he say that they weren't supposed to leave? Now we've got even MORE questions left to be answered. Ok I better stop - I think I'm already blogging on your blog. Have a good day, sweetie!!!

Hugs n' Aloha,

I think it was Ben in the casket too. Jack probably went to the funeral parlor for closure. I agree Kate was probably with Sawyer too. I laughed my butt off when Hurley came barreling onto the beach with the van! Hurley to the rescue!!! I think after killing Locke's father that something changed in Sawyer. He has been pushed to his limit. What is up with Locke?

Wow! didn't think of it as being Ben in the casket, but you are probably right!
OMG! Maybe Charlie will live!!! I hope so! Where was Walt's dad? I thought they were both to show up again in the season finale, and if no one can get off of the island, where are they? surely, they can't get off so they can't be on that boat still? hmmm

I would love to know how to make the CD envelope card but can't find the instructions on your site.

Hi, the website for the tutorial doesn't exist anymore. Do you have a copy you can send me?

Thanks so much,

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