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May 25, 2007


Wow...your knee is looking great, Dawn!! I will keep praying for you and Rich!

Looks like I need to get that box of cards ready to send. (wink)

Amazing how far they have come with knee replacements, eh?
So then, should we be calling you the "Bionic Woman"? JK!!!!!!!
That is so, so very awesome how all our cards are going to be touching the lives of our servicemen/women and then their loved ones who end up receiving them back here in the USA!
Which, reminds me, I have another pkg for you from Alayna's school.

Looks like you are coming along very well! that is so good to hear! It is very good to hear that the cards are touching the lives of the service men and women. I hope Rich gets some sleep soon!

What a trooper you are. Wow !!!, your x-ray looks amazing, medical wonders in just a few short months. Keep your spirits up, by staying in touch with others. My brother in law went through a couple of surgerys in his neck artery these past months. If it wasn't for friends and family stopping by and visiting his depession would have been frightening. Here's to great courage a healthy family and best wishes. I visit your site as often as I can. I appreciate your spirit.

Speedy Recovery,

Tammy Potts

P.S. nice scar, you're healing nicely. Try scar merdma it works !!!!!!

Will you be limited from doing anything? Can you do sports, hop, that sort of thing? Do you have to take rejection medicine? My dentist had both his kneww and one hip done. He was a professional footballer in the day.

those duct tape dresses are neato. A local girl her made hers out of some sort of candy wrapper and got an honorable mention.

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