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May 05, 2007


After seeing the amount of space your husband has, I have only one question. Where is he going to store those cards? I mean, what will be the process of giving them out?

Dawn, I am way up here in Canada but I'd be happy to send you some envelopes...when did you need them? If I can help...please email me!
Great job on all that!

Wow! That is amazing.

I read your blog a couple weeks ago and was going to try to get some cards made and sent to you. Unfortunately, my uncle became ill so that added to my other responsibilities didn't allow me to get to my sister's house to stamp (I keep my stuff there).

Great job for organizing such a huge project!

Wow...that looks like a lot of work sorting and packaging those cards up! Thanks for sharing that, and thanks for sharing your DH's photos. The reality of it all really sinks in when you see those.

Oh my gosh Dawn, that is so awesome. It is hard to believe you got that many cards in that amount of time. That is go great! The troops will go crazy over them. Have a great day!

Amazing Dawn! Great pics of DH and the area too! Hugs!

Dawn, I'm sure the effort that you put forth to pull off such a tremendous event was blessing enough in itself, but I'm praying for God's blessing on you and your family for your generous heart. Hugs!

That is so wonderful to hear! So many cards for such a good use! I wanted to thank you for my 'thank you' card you sent to me! It was super cute and it was just a privilege to help!

Unbelievable! And, how long has it been since he's been gone? Isn't it almost time for him to come home? I bet you can't wait!

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