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May 11, 2007


Hey Jessie! Glad your Mom is doing good! She will be home before you know it! I pray that she will have a fast recovery and get back to making her awesome creations!! Thanks! Lorrie

Hi Jessie what a great job you are doing in mom's absence......please send her my Get well Wishes!!!

Thanks for the update Jessie! Sorry to hear she had to be awake for the whole thing though, Yikes! Glad she was up and about yesterday. Great job on the blog today!!

Good job filling in for Mom. I am glad she was getting around yesterday. My thoughts and prayers are with her

Hi Jesse! Glad to hear all went well with surgery! Great job in filling in for your mom! Get some rest.
Let your mom know I'm thinking of her and hoping for a fast recovery.

Hi Jessie, So glad to hear your Mom's surgery went well. I know you're going to be a great help to her.

Hello Jessie - glad to hear your mom is doing great! :)

Sending well wishes your way. I hope the recovery breezes by with minimal pain!

Good work, Jessie. Thanks for keeping us updated on your Mom's progress. You are all in my prayers. Big hugs to you and to Mom!

Jessie, thanks for keeping us informed. I'm so happy to hear your Mom is doing well, and continue to pray for her.

I love the Mr. Crabby creation for today as well. He's adorable.

hey Jessie, what an awesome first post! Tell your mom we miss her and can't wait to hear all her funny stories!

Hi jess,

I am glad everything went well for your Mom. God Bless you for taking care of her blog for her. Let me know if there is anything I can do for you and Mom. Tell your Mom I am praying for a speedy recovery for her. See you soon. Tell your Grandma I miss her and will call her soon.

Glad to hear all went well! Tell your mom that the more I see this set used by her the more I want it! I will have to order this next week with my monthly order!!
Thanks for keeping us blog stalkers updated!!

Great job Jessie for keeping us posted. Your Mom is so awesome and so are you for keeping her blog going while she's recovering.
Send her all our get well wishes!

Great job Jessie for keeping us posted. Your Mom is so awesome and so are you for keeping her blog going while she's recovering.
Send her all our get well wishes!

Hello Jessie,
I'm so glad you are able to post messages while Mom's recuperating - I come here every day to see the awesome blog entries! Tell her we all want her to heal up fast - Love & Prayers!
Sandy Kay

Thanks for keeping us posted Jessie. Hope she is feeling better today. Wishing her a speedy recovery.

Hello People It is me again :) I just read some of your guyses posts to my mommy when I called her and she was laughing at some of them so that is good to make her laugh :) I would love to take credit for the card but I cant :) Well keep the comment coming
Till later Happystamping (isnt that what she usually says)?LoL

Your mom is so lucky to have a daughter like you. Tell your mom to relax, you have things under control. Have a blessed day!

Thanks for the update. Your Mom is in my prayers - well, so is your Dad. Glad to hear the surgery is over and went well.

Wow, is your mom ever popular. So many well wishes and I want to add mine to all the rest. I am relieved that this is all over for her and please tell your mom that my prayers are with her and can't wait til she is home with her new knee.
Love to all of you,
Cheryl Sims

I couldn't believe how much pain your mom was in when I saw her on Friday. Hopefully, the chocolates and cards helped!

Take care of each other!

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