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April 12, 2007


I loved the cards. Is the one on the right on Paula's blog? I didn;t see it.

I broke down and bought Crabby Crab. It arrives today!!!!

Yeah, did you realize, we will see each other 3 days in a row? What a blessing, eh?

Cool tutorial, I printed it to case one day in the future.

Holy Cow! That show messed with my mind last night. One minute I was crying because she was missing her sister (I can relate!!) and the next I hate her because she's a lier....or is she? Could she be doing all this so Ben will let her go home? Was that her sister for real? That broke my heart!
I'm with you, only five shows left, bummer!!

OMG Dawn, last night was the best LOST ever!!!! I cried when Kate came back and her and Saywer hugged. And can you believe that Julia is scamming them. And how about Locke is he in on the plan or did they just not want him around!! It was so good. I can hardly stand watching it I get so excited. Hae a great night!

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