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April 06, 2007


I'm a preacher's wife and love it when another unashamedly tells others about Jesus. I too am thankful for Easter and His resurrection. He paid for our sins in FULL by dying on the cross for us.

So true that many have no idea what Easter is TRULY about.

Love the Glorious Gifts SU set for all the Easter Cards I sent out. I think Easter Cards should be sent to everyone you send a Christmas card to. It's just as important as His birth.

I'm praying for you to have strength and peace while hubby is away. And for your hubby to be safe!


I am so grateful for all he has done for mankind. Imagine his friend betraying him or his mother's pain. imagine being on gogoltha (spelling I am not sure of) and witnessing the crucifixion of our savior. but come sunday morning we can all cry out Alleluia HE is risin.
I love the crab and company stamp too. It's like an addiction because the crab is so cute

Easter has a whole, new meaning to me now that I am a mother. My 4 1/2 year old son just learned the meaning of Easter in his preschool class. Having him tell me all about it is what makes it so special this year.

Dawn, stop with the crappy crab already!!! I don't have the money to buy it right now but every time I see your cards, you almost make me cave in and buy it. (HEHE) At least I have until June 30 to buy it!!!!

opps...I meant Crabby....not crappy!!!!


So true, so very true. So many people don't realize that Easter is actually more important to the Church than Christmas. After all, we go to Church 3 days for Easter, Holy Thursday, Good Friday, Holy Saturday/Easter Sunday. Everytime I ask my catchesim class if they could die for us like Jesus did, not one of them said they would do it (6th grade nor 2nd graders).

I can only imagine His pain and suffering let alone what Mary felt and saw.

The sad thing about Good Friday is that all those people that get the day off from work don't even bother to go to church. As my jobs have changed, I have not had the day off for years now and use my lunch hour to go to the closest church to where I am currently working.

Oops, forgot, Love Mr. Crabby pants!! I'm just amazed how each card doesn't even look like the ones you've done before with this stamp set. Great use of color combos.

I loved your message today. It meant alot to me. My 5 y/o son is learning about Easter in Sunday School and it has brought a truer meaning to me this year. I think easter is a time of new beginnings as it was long long ago. Have a great weekend and thank for all you do for us out here in cyberland. I got up early and didn't see your new post yet so I was bummed. Then it appeared later.
Take care,
Dawn B

Love your blog and cards.. Thanks for the card, Glad I won!! Cute idea

Hey Dawn, Thanks for your little Easter Witness. I manage a candy store so as you may guess I spend most of time dealing with the secular part of Easter. The candy the chocolate bunnies, the carrot filled with jelly beans! We start planning Easter the day after Christmas so by the time Easter gets here I have almost forgot and have had enough of Easter, but I need to remember. The reason we celebrate it really gets lost! Especially when your world revoles around secular Easter traditions. Thanks
so much! May you have a very Blessed Easter!

Awe...LOVE all your wonderful cards made with this guy. You are too funny!! I just love your style Dawn. It's great!

I love all the doodles and shading you did with the gel pen.
Have a great Resurrection weekend. Isn't it great to know we serve a RISEN Saviour!

Preach it sistah! I do have a blog, but not a card one! I'm a missionary! Go to dundcostarica.blogspot.com!I wrote something on there a couple of days ago about a worship song that made me break down in church. You'll understand, like I understood what you were trying to say in your post! Love ya, girlie and have a BLESSED Easter!

Amen, sister!!!!!

Glad to see Mr. Crabby Pants back too. He's adorable!

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