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April 05, 2007


hey there, cute card, once again you've used a set I don't have:(
As for Lost, that show just freaks me out! Where is Locke? Where's his dad? Didn't we see him a few weeks ago? As for Sawyer, how can we not like him? whether he's the good guy or the bad! I don't trust that blond chick, she's with "the others", looks like the Iraq dude (I know his name but don't have a clue how to spell it, do you?) gets on her case next week. Maybe we'll get some info then!! Hey, where was Charlie last night?

Glad you heard from your hubby!! Let us know when we can start making cards for him! I have some friends that will help. Isn't there some restrictions? I know at Christmas we couldn't use certain things that weren't allowed in their religion over there. Let me know, okay?

Hi Dawn - very cute card!!! I am starting to really fall in love with what the cuttlebug can do... will have to wait for a sale to happen here. Swayer.... my oh my.... he's got that bad boy effect, and yet there is sweet candy under there (we just know, right?!)... I love the show - didn't get to watch this week's one yet, though - so I'm pretty excited about it, after reading what you've wrote. I will have to rewind my DVR and watch it today!! Let me tell ya - I'm so addicted... I even went around the island looking for where they were shooting this show!! Unfortunately - it was a rainy day (there were plenty of rainy shots too, huh?), and I was in NO LUCK finding the LOST crew. Boo Hoo!!! The ride was still fun and exciting though. Oh well... maybe I'll try again sometime in the next couple of weeks....


Got to talk about LOST, you are so right about the story line of Kate being so closely related to how she just wants to do the right thing and get approval, but she keeps messing up. I thought the same thing about the village, like Hello, why don't you live there instead of in the Jungle with the big scary monster and maybe take a shower or something before you go Kate and Julia. And yeah where is John and his dad? Oh and Sawyer Oh my goodness he is such a hottie!! I love Hurley though too he is so sweet! OK can't wait till next week. And again I know what you mean fastest hour of my week is the hour I watch LOST. Happy Day!!!!

OMG! I finally had time to read, I mean really read your blog. I will continue to pray for you and Richard and Jessie. You have a great outlook on what he has told you and I'm sure it is very difficult for all of you and you are trying to keep him as positive as possible. Just keep in mind your end result to keep working towards those goals.

Oh, and awesome card! I can't wait to make all the cards you have planned for the Stamp-a-Stack I registered for.

great octopus! love how your glitterfied the YOU

Hi Dawn! You totally inpsired me to get a Cuttlebug. I LOVE that thing! I need more embossing folders though! You know how that is!

Lost- WOW! My entire family watches that show! Sawyer- he is just delicous no matter how they serve him up! I keep getting answers to some questions, but then have 3x as many more at the end of each show! Where did John's dad go?!?! Why was he so cryptic with Kate? Is Jack going to fall for Julia now? I still don't trust her. Sayid is just fantastic. Thank goodness he's with them. I agree- why not move everyone from the beach to the compound? For goodness sakes- if they have to stay on the island, why not live as comfortably as possible. And why isn't Sun showing yet?!?!?!?!?!

Hi Dawn,
Love ALL your design's. You so inspire me! Please let me know when you are going to ship cards to Richard, as I would love to donate a stack or two!

Love that crab card, above. I want the set so bad! Hey, another LOST lover. Aren't you disappointed it is off the air after this season? I love that large "rotund" guy so much. Isn't he huggable? It was neat how he tricked Sawyer. And wasn't Sawyer's smile just melt you? I'm wondering why the LOST people aren't moving up to the houses. I think the people who lived in the houses went on to heaven. Even though the producers said that LOST isn't in "limbo" before heaven, I think it is. After watching this past week's episode, I think we are going to find out that every single person is connected in one way or another. What an awesome show! Thanks for blogging about it.

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