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April 09, 2007


WOW! What a terrific cause for stamping!! I'll get right to it :o) Blessings and prayers for your hubby. Hope he's in good spirits!!

email me the address... I will send you some i have on hand and any more extras I happen to make during the month...

Of course I gave you all my cards a week too late! Posting VERY late tonite since its been a VERY eventfull evening in the neighborhood today.

What a fantastic idea, Dawn! I'll definitely be sending some your way......I know I have your addy somewhere.....but could you email it to me again?

And I'll make sure to post about this in my blog this week, as well. :)

Big hugs to you, girlfriend!

Dawn ~ that is GREAT! I can see you getting lots of cards for this! Rich is going to be pleasntly surprised when you send him all of the cards you get! Hugs to you and Jessie.

Great idea. I would love to participate. Let me know where to send them.

Dawn, found your website through SCS... and LOVE your cards. Would love to send you some cards to send to your hubby.

What a fabulous idea....I would love to send you some cards. Where do I send them.

This is a wonderful idea - I know when I was in Iraq I loved getting mail and would have loved being able to send a special card home as well! What address can I send the cards to? Thanks! Alex


This is an awesome idea that you 2 awesome women came up with! Forgive me, but when he originally went over to Iraq, didn't you put out a RAK request? Oh well, now you two have made it a win win situation for everyone and who knows how many people's lives our cards will touch. Almost like the fire they lit in church on the Easter Vigil, we passed the "fire of Jesus" from one candle to another and now we can pass along our wonderful card creations to your DH to pass onto others who in turn will pass them onto their beloved families.

Needless to say, count me in!

I have a bundle of cards all ready to go to someone, and I would love them to go to you!! I love your blog, you are my breath of fresh air, and my grounded read everyday! So, if you would like to email me your address, I'll get them sent off. They all have envelopes, is that okay?

Hey Dawn - this Michigan weather is getting a little better - but looks like maybe more snow this weekend. I hope not as we have a soccer game on Saturday! Anyway - what a great idea for the cards! I am putting a link on my blog post today to your blog so I can share this info with my blogging friends too! Have a super day!

Oh Meeeeee!!!! I wanna make your hubby famous too!!! Can I participate even if I'm just a **stalker** of your gorgeous blog?! Please!!! Pretty Please? Ok.... email me with you snail mail if you accept me.


Oh Meeeeee!!!! I wanna make your hubby famous too!!! Can I participate even if I'm just a **stalker** of your gorgeous blog?! Please!!! Pretty Please? Ok.... email me with you snail mail if you accept me.


A fabulous idea, please send me your snail mail and I'll send my cards ASAP!

First off, your blog is one of my favorites. I visit every morning. I would love to make some cards for your hubby to give to the troops. Please send me your address.

Dawn, I am only a beginning stamper, so my cards are pretty basic. But I would love to make a few and send them to you. Please send your address, and I'll get them to you. What a wonderful idea.

Dawn, Please send me your address and I will send you some cards from Canada to send to your husband.

Dawn, please send me your address. I think this is a great thing to do!! If it cheers a serviceperson up just the tiniest bit--it is worth it. If it thanks them, in the smallest way, for their sacrifice--it is worth it. If they pass this gratitude onto their own family member, who is also sacrificing--even better!! Thanks for giving us this opportunity :)

Hi Dawn,

Please send me your address so I can send you some cards (may have to use the Cropadile that you "made" me buy)
What a great idea!!

Please send me your address so that I can participate! Thanks for being a central point for this great cause!

Hi - I have lots of beautiful cards from swaps and I'll never use them all - I'd love to send them off to such a worthy cause if you could forward your address! Thanks!

Dawn. I would love to send you some cards for the troops. can you send me your address?

Hey Dawn!

I emailed you the other day, but you must be bombarded!! LOL! I need your snail mail so I can send this box off! :)

Inky hugs,

Dawn, I need your snailmail address!! I have quite a few cards I can send. A lot of them have a LOVE theme and those are harder to use up, so there should be plenty for our guys over there to send to their wives!! :-)

Susan/Soozie4Him on SCS
[email protected]

Hi Dawn,

I would like to send you cards for your cause. Can you send me info on how to do that.


Dawn, I'm a fellow military wife and newly joined SU demonstrator. I stumbled onto your site and love what you and Angie are doing for our troops. Send me the info on where to send the cards, I just pulled a bunch out to ship to you. Thanks, love your site!

Hi Dawn,
This is an awesome idea. Please send me the info on where to send the cards! Take care, Jodie

Dawn we got to think up a good name for the portable card shop for Richard. Let's permote SU and other hand made cards. Let's see how about Handmark, Stampmark, Lovemarked. I think I like Lovemarked cards the best. These names are off the top of my head. So there may be more names coming as I think of them.

Great job. I have card fronts to make into cards for you. Will try to get some done this week end.

BIG HUGS, Sharon

Heres a name for Rich's card shop "Glitter Cards". Since Dawnie is the original Glitter Queen!

Dawn, Love your blog. Have some cards I can send if you will please send me your address. Thanks. Stampin Hugs.

I have some cards and will be headed to the post office. Let me know your address please.

Hi Dawn! I love reading your blog! My husband was over in Iraq in 2003 so I know what you are going through. Give the mail a little more time..
I love that he calls you "my ladie", mine calls me his "date" (even though we have been married for 19 years)..makes you feel so special!! Take care and hold on to that beautiful smile!!

Hello Ms. D! Me again... my box of cards are going out tomorrow - YAY!!! I finally got all cards in, and done - ready to go!!! I blogged a little about it on my site - you can check it out here: http://expressivelyme.blogspot.com/2007/04/what-i-did-today-sunday.html

P.S. Tell you man to hang in there... he is sooo loved!!!

Hugs n' Aloha...


I have a HUGE box of fronts waiting to be made into cards. Is that okay? I may not get them there by the 1st but maybe it will get there for the next "drop". I am glad to have a contact for this again!
sharon b

Hey Dawn! I have a ton, yes ton, of cards from swaps (& how much is shipping?) :) I can convert them all to full cards if that is okay with you... just let me know & send me your snail mail.
Dina Anderson

I'd love to help in this great cause. Could you send me your address and how to go about this? Thanks, Tracy

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