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March 07, 2007


I found him...in about 10 seconds. I can not believe that because it usually takes me more time to do these sorts of things.
Love your blog!!

I did find the man. it only took about 3 min. I really enjoy your blog. It is the first thing I look at in the morning ( even before the newspaper) I will keep your husband in my prayers. Good Luck.

I found him, I found him!!!! LOL!!! Really only took about 5 seconds too, I was shocked!!! LOL!

Great card Dawn, so sweet!

I will keep your husband in my daily prayers.
Liz K

I am saying Huge prayers for you and your family. I hope all goes as planned and I hope for a speedy return for your hubby. It is so nice to have internet connections and advanced technology so that he is able to communicate with you while over there. I DID not find the man. I will keep trying. I love your bear card. It is really cute. Great Job.
Dawn B.

I found him! Took no time at all. I will be praying for you and your family. How wonderful to have been blessed with a husband who will take on this journey to support his family. Mary

OH CRAP! I found the man, it actually kind of scared me at first, kinda like he just jumped out at me! I love, love, love your teddy bear card. I will keep you, your husband & family in my prayers. TFS! Dina

I found him in about 10 seconds!! I will be praying for you all. Love your blog!

I'm embarrassed to say that I had to enlarge the picture to find him :(
I hope your husband has a safe journey. That is such great news for your family. I also look at your blog first thing every morning. Keep up the good work.

Allright, I couldn't find the man but my teenage daughter spotted him in seconds. Good luck with all your changes. You'll be in my prayers.

I found him too....but like Ann I had to enlarge the picture to find him......cute bear card. I will keep your family in my prayers.

I found him! in like 3 seconds.!..he's a bald bean!lol....

I found him! I found him!! Just under 7 seconds...............You adn your family are in my prayers, Dawn!

Hugh {{{HUGS}}} out to your family.... My prayers to.

I found the man on my second look and really don't see how I missed him the first try....

Yea! I found the man the first time I looked at the picture. I will be praying for you and your family. I know that you will miss him greatly, my husband and I have been living only 2 hours away from each other and sometimes it is terrible when it comes time to leave each other, And we talk everyday. But God will get you through.

There he is!!!!!! Now that is all I see...took about 15 sec

I found him once I clicked on the photo to enlarge it. What a cute little bean head!

I looked and looked, enlarged it over and over, but to no avail. I did not find him. ugh!

I will continue to keep you and your family in my prayers. It's the least I can do to repay all the prayers you've said for me and my family over the past 3 years when we were both unemployed.:(

Your card is awesome!
I'm so glad I got to see it in person at your class before you posted it. It's just wonderful:)

Too funny, I found the man in the beans!!
Great news about the job, sorry to hear he will be far away from you, will keep you in my thoughts & prayers!!
Have a good day

I had to enlarge to see him as well.

My prayers are with your husband and family!

(Your bear card is adorable.)

I found him in under one minute!!!

Good luck and best wishes to your family with your husband going to Iraq! My husband and I were both Marines and can relate to the situation, although it's a little different. I visit your blog every day and just love your designs and tutorials!

Once I clicked o the photo to make it bigger I found him almost right away. Very cool!

Big news for your DH and your family... hugs!

First off - that card is FABULOUS!!! I LOVE teddy bears!!!
Second, glad to hear the good news for DH (job) but sad to hear he'll have to go to Iraq and be away. I'll be praying for you & your family!

I found him! In less than a minute! Love your card too! I will be praying for you & your family with hubby going to Iraq.

I already posted once but I hadn't read all of what you had wrote. Just wanted to say that I will be praying for your husband safety and for you and all of your family during this time. I am sure it will be difficult to be away from each other for so long. God bless you and your family!!!

I am shocked I found him on a fluke in like 10 seconds. I was about to give up before I even started. You and your family will be in my prayers You are a very strong women. I would be having a stroke if my husband had to leave me that long. God Bless You!

I found him in about 6 seconds. really. I love this kind of thing. the only picture puzzle I was NEVER able to do is where you stare at something for a long time and then an image appears. That rocked my world when I could not see any of them. So thanks for not putting one of those on your website! tee hee.
Wow about your hubby getting this job. I am glad you are at peace about it and he and your family will remain in my prayers. Janet in NC

Best of luck to you and your family over the next year. You all will be in thoughts.

I found the man once I actually looked at the picture, he looks like one of my old neighbours...

That coffee guy made my day; not that a quick visit to your blog isn't always entertaining. TFS EdieB :D

I found him in about 15 seconds. I will keep you family in my thought and prayers.

I LOVE your blog. Your work is BEAUTIFUL!!!
And Michael W. Smith is one of my favs, too.
FYI--I found the man in the beans in less than 5 secs. No, I hadn't seen it before and no, I'm not braggin'. Just got lucky. :o)
Keep up the great work on your blog.


That bear is too adorable! I am so casing this one!

Hi Dawn:

I found the man in about 30 seconds, but really had to look hard to find him hiding.

My prayers are with your family.

I love the bear card, it's too cute!!!

Oh wow. I found the man in the beans!

Dawn, I've been thinking good thoughts for you and your DH. My DH was laid off in January so I can relate to what you are going through. Pretty scary but I also trust in God that He has something better in store for us. I pray all goes well for him in Iraq and for you and your daughter while he's away.

I spotted him. Didn't take that long either.
You and your family will definitely be in my prayers. May God richly bless you!

I found him.. but he kind of gave me the creeps.. it's a little late.......and I scare easy.. LOL..love your site.
and the "puzzle"

Dawn....thank GOD I can finally post!!! My prayers are with you and your family for a quick year and a safe journey for your husband....NOW, more importantly I FOUND THE MAN!!! yeah....

yeah! i found him as well...took just a few seconds . I'm impressed with myself in finding him...lol


What is the name of the place your DH is going to in Iraq?

Good morning Dawn!
first time here...this blogging stuff sure is fun! Found the man in the beans...camel picture is WOW. Long shadows? I would love to order a charm. So much fun on my first visit--thanks Linda's LUVtostamp for the link! Stamp On...lorijane

Dawn, thanks for your dedication to daily posts with exciting cards and your news. I feel like I know you personally. P.S. Found the man when I stopped trying to make it so difficult.
Thanks for the challenge.
Hugs & kisses,

OK...I appear to be the only one who can't find the darn guy. Someone help me! I can't find the "trick" to the camel picture, either. Bah.

I looked and looked and couldnt find it. Had to have my 5 yo find the "where's waldo" guy

I found him in less than 15 seconds. Wow! Now I need to try the camel pic.

I did not find the man.But it is 3:16 AM and I need to get to bed. I have to be up by 10 AM. I just wanted to say that your husband is an awesome man. I will be praying for his safe return. I'm sure that he will be fine but prayers are always nice to have.

I am so very happy that you now have a cuttlebug Dawn. Your husband is a lot like mine. :) We are very lucky women. Love your very first card that you made with the Cuttlebug. I also like your teddy bear birthday card very much. He is so cute.I hope you and your family have a wonderful weekend.


hoot I found him! I was so scared it would be one of those pics were you look at it for a long time and something comes out and scares you lol :)

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