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March 26, 2007


This is beautiful, Dawn! I love the window effect. So pretty!

What a pretty card, Dawn. What did you use for a window sheet. My demo told me that they aren't available any more from SU as I had ordered them last month. Now Kathy and I are looking for what to use.
Thanks for sharing your beautiful work.

very pretty.. you are making me want to order this set... TFS

This is really, really pretty!!! TFS


oh my gosh....I just looked at your instructions on how to make the butterfly....soooo stinking cute. can't wait to try it!

What a beautiful card

BEAUTIFUL...I didn't want this set until I saw your card!


Awesome, now I just have to find my window sheets that I ordered, but never used years ago from that class we had way back when at your mom's house when we did that Christmas pop up card. I'm bad, I know, so send me to Stampin' Jail ASAP!

Hi, I just wanted to say how much I love your blog. I may not comment often, but I do check your blog daily to see your latest card creations and to get a glimpse into your life. I have wanted to wish you and your hubby the best during this career change. I'm sure it may be hard on some days and you will miss him a lot, but just know there are people out there praying for you and wishing you lots of success. Keep up the cute card creations. Jamie

I love the card!!! I long time ago you posted that you had a surprise but never told us. I know I asked you about it a few months later. What was the sursprise? Was it the SCS tutorial?

Also, I saw that you changed your SCS picture when the tutorial was posted. I wasn't used to seeing your picture without your furry hat!!! I kept thinking it was someone else. I'm glad you changed the picture, it reflects who you are better, fun, spirited and the most talented person on this earth!!!

I need to get window sheets now. This card is breath taking! I just love it!

Gorgeous...I can't wait until I get some white stazon!

Oh sooo beautiful! Absolutely love it!

I LOVE this card. Sorry Mr. Crabby Pants but we are glad this set was showcased today!

Your site is so fun! I love coming here. This card is especially pretty!

Hi Dawn,

This card is gorgeous. Stamping your flowers in the white on the window sheets makes this card look so elegant.Glad to hear that Jessie is feeling better.


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