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March 30, 2007


Hi Dawn. I am a fellow Michigander and am so jealous that you have all the invites done. My son is also graduating this year and I need to shake a leg on the invites. Anyways, I graduated in 1983 and my school colors are red and black.
I cannot believe I am the first to comment. Read your blog daily...

Hi dawn I gradutated in 1990 and my colors were black and red.

Me again Dawn, did you try to shut your phone off and take the battery out. Put the battery back in and maybe?? it will reset itself when you turn it on.

Worth a try, good luck!

Hi Dawn,
I too have a daughter graduating in May. I haven't even started on her invites. I guess I am wishing she wasn't graduating. I want her to be a little girl again NEEDING her mom. Guess I had better get going. Anyway. I graduated in 1982 in Byron IL at Byron High School. My school colors were orange and black. 25 years later my DD is graduating from the same high school.
I will be praying for you and your family.
Dawn B.

I graduated in 1985 also and our colors were red and white too!

Hi Dawn,
I graduated in 1976...yep, I'm old! and my colors were purple and gold. Thanks for an awesome blog!


Hi Dawn, You and your family are in my prayers. I graduated in 1971. My school colors were blue and gold.

Hi Dawn, this card is so neat! Great job! I graduated in 1983 and our colors were red and white. Take care, Lisa

I'm still in awe that your husband volunteered to do work there. He is a brave soul. There are many support groups for military people that I belong to on yahoo. Perhaps there are also support groups for workers families.

Anyhoo, I graduated in '83 and my colors were blue and yellow.

Hey, I graduated in 1988 and my colors were red and white, too. Lots of red and white girls, huh? I would love to see the card show up in my mailbox! Dawn, did you get my e-card yesterday? Just wondering. :0)


I have been thinking of you! I know it will be hard with your hubby being gone! Just email me if you need to "talk"! I graduated in 1986 and my colors were Black & Gold - Festus Tigers!! Love you,

Hidie Hoh!

I graduated in 1984, and the colors were blue & white from Lamphere High School, which by the way was the same school my dad, uncle & aunt all graduated from 20 some years earlier. Plus I got to go to high school with my grandpa (dad's dad) working there at the same time. Good/Bad, kwim? All good memories though, I wouldn't have traded it for the world.

i graduate in 1995 and my colors were blue and cold

Hi Dawn,
Great job on getting them done. I still have to start mine for my son in 6th grade. My husband also loves to help me make things when there is alot.
I gradurated in 73 and the colors were moroon and gold. God bless you and your family.

Try sending that text message to your email address......then you'll have the photo and text on your computer.
DD sends us text messages/photos all the time from her phone.

Great Cards...You are a Stamping Machine.
I graduated in 1983 and my colors were Black & Gold.

Wow!! One hundred cards!!! I did 50 for a swap once and my hands hurt for a week!

Anyway, I graduated in 1988 and my colors were Orange and Blue.


Hi Dawn,

I just love your work. I graduated in 1975 and my colors were light purple and dark purple. God blessings to you and your family.

Thanks for posting!! I was just thinking today about g raduation and needing a card idea.. something to start the ideas. I graduated from Highschool in 99 and colors are red and royal blue
liz UT

wow!! 100

I graduated many moons ago!!!! 1960 and my colors were black and gold. The sports teams are called the "Rajahs". I bet no one else has that as a mascot.
Keeping you and your family in my thoughts and prayers.

Hi, I'm another oldtimer - graduated in 1965. Our colors were Red & Black. I love the look of these cards & wish I could see them clearly (picture is kinda dark for me). As for your cell phone problem - sounds like one I had. My husband took the battery off the back, then put it back on. That solved the problem! I'm sure the people at the cell phone place can help.

I graduated in '86 and our colors were red and white.

Your daughters grad cards are beautiful. You must be so proud of her. I remember how proud I was seeing my son walk across the stage to get his diploma. It was a moment I'll never forget. I graduated in 1978 and my school colors were green & white. (not even a nice green either...who picked those colors..ugh)

Well, you have inspired me to get creating. I have a friend who gave me some supplies and the wording for her invites. I had promised to do them but have been ignoring that bag of stuff.

I graduated in 1984 and our colors were blue and white. Go Lyncs!


I would love to recieve one of your cards. My son is graduating in June and I still have to get all of his done. His colors are red and gold.


I would be honored to receive a creation of yours!!

I graduated in 1970 and my school colors were green and white...

Our school mascot was the Lindy Bull Dog...just thought I'd a little extra hope you don't mind...

I graduated in 1984 and my colors are Red and Black. We had a class of 86....pretty big huh??

I was a class of 1994 graduate of San Dimas High School in good ol So. Cal. (Yes the one from Bill and Ted's Excellent adventure!) Our colors were Blue and Gold also!

I graduated in 1981 from Cloverleaf High School in Ohio. Our colors were green and white.

My heart goes out to you while your honey is overseas. Been there 27 yrs ago.

Cool Grad Card!
I graduated in 1977 and my school colors were Purple and Gold.

Hi Dawn, I so love you blog and get inspired everytime I visit it. I am so happy for your dauther, Wendy, on her upcoming graduation. I have two daughters and did not see either one of them walk across the stage to accept their diplomas for high school graduation(because neither one chose not to). I was so disappointed, but had to honor their request. I did finally see the youngest graduate from EMT Basic Training.

Anyway, I graduated in 1967 and my school colors were green and gold.


Okay...for the second time..I have no clue what this blogging thing is all about...I'm a beginner! I seem to be leaving comments all over the place, and now I think I've found the correct place to leave a comment to be eligible for this BLOG CANDY! Phew...this is hard work! Anyhow, I graduated from a high school just outside of Calgary, Alberta in 1988 and my school colours were red and white!

Hi Dawn!! Way to go girlfriend. I graduated in 1976 and our school colors were Maroon and Gold.

Warm Montana Hugs! Love YA!

Hi Dawn. I find your work so inspiring and wanted to tell you. Anyway, I graduated in 1967 and my high school colours are double-blue (light blue/dark blue). I love those colours to this day!

Well- I was the one that was pregnant and on bed rest and I finally had a healthy 10lb, yes you read that right, BOY! Jake Matthew came into the world on Feb 27th! I can't believe he is already 1 month old.

Oh- I graduated in 1993 and oue school colors were green and white. I hope you pick me, because I LOVE this card. I visit your site daily and put you on my favorites..you are soooooooo talented..thank you!


I graduated in 1983 and my school colors were Red & White also.

Hi from Flushing. I graditated (yup, that is how I spell it) in 1972 but I did not go to the ceremony- I was living on my own and had to work. I dont even remember what the colors were as I had switched schools halfway thru my senior year. The one I switched from was burnt orange and navy blue and I htink the one I ended up at was red and grey. My grand daughter is graditating from Taylor Kennedy. How did that happen so fast?

Hi Dawn,
I must be one of the OLDEST but young at heart.I graduated in 1977 ( yes disco was very BIG back then ) and my school colors were Green and Gold. Sorry to say that my high school & grade school no longer exist but great memories do.
Stamping Hugs Nora

I graduated from Plymouth-Canton in 1987. Our colors were red & white. Boys wore red and girls wore white. It was a bummer that we had to wear white because we had to find a white dress to wear underneath. That was very difficult to find, an all white dress that wasn't a bridal dress.

Hi Dawn!I'm inspired daily by your awesome blog and cards! I graduated in 1985 and our school colors were blue and gold! Go Blue Devils!!!

Love you site and visit daily! Thanks for your inspiration! I graduated from Grandville High School in Grandville, MI in 1988 and our colors were Maroon & White! Go Bulldogs!! COngrats to your daughter on her Graduation. You must be so proud!!

I graduated in 1992 and my school colors were blue and gold.... your invites look so awesome... tfs

Beautiful Grad Card! I gradded in '83 and colours were Royal and light Blue.

Wow 100 cards...that is truly amazing. It is really beautiful! TFS.

Okay I don't read well...hee, hee. Got all excited. I graduated in 1988 and our colors were Soldier Blue...which is basically gray ;-)

Hi Dawn

I don't know if I quality for the draw (I am Canadian). However, I graduated in 1 9 6 0 and my school colours were - you quessed it - blue and gold. Love your website - you inspire me to keep trying.

Wonderful job! I graduated in '73 and our colors were/still Maize and Blue. I still live here in Michigan in the same town and all my children live here too!

I graduated in 1971 and school colors were red and white.
Sandy Kay

I graduated in 1974 and my colors were turquoise and orange (Miami Dolphin colors) our mascot was a Raider. I have children graduating the next two years. Their school colors are blue and gold, and the mascot is the Cougar. Thanks for sharing

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