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March 08, 2007


WOW! Now you know people actually read ALL of your posts...lol!! Well, seeing as how everybody has guessed a CUTTLEBUG, I'm going to be different and guess some kind of rolling carryall case for your supplies. ;0)

I am going to guess the same thing as everyone else....a cuttlebug. What a great hubbie you have!!!!

OK, I am going to guess CuttleBug, too! The 40% off was my give-away (at least, I hope I'm right!). My sweet husband would have NEVER asked for a discount; goes against his grain, so good job there, too!! If fact, my hubby could have a coupon in his pocket (undoubtedly placed there by yours truly) and STILL not use it. Oh well, I love him nonetheless!!

First thought, a Cuttlebug, which is what everyone's fisrt thought would be. Your hubby is so sweet.

Did he get you a little green buggie?? You know that Cuttlebug thing you've been just "dying" to have in your hot little hands?

its gotta be a bug. Amazing that they gave the coupon discount to him just for asking!

Gotta be a bug! Cuttlebug that is!

Well, well, well. Humm, is it light green? Perhaps with a handle? Has grey trim? Could it be a Cuttlebug????
I got mine two weeks ago and can't seem to stop buying those darn dies and embossing folders. I am having a blast with mine. It is so cool, and quick. You will love it. Oh, and if hubby happens to be shopping again, I don't have the Thanks embossing folder yet! Have a great day Dawn, love reading you blog everyday, I feel like I know you, your family and members of your church. Janice Heighway

I'm guessing Cuttlebug too!
Hope so because I can't wait to see all your creations with it.

Id have to say ....Cuttlebug too ....Whatever he got you at least he got a good deal.....IF he would get a big screen TV at 40% off that would b nice..My DH always gets ME gifts that benefits HIM too.

I'm guessing the cuttlebug!!!!!You lucky girl!!!!

My guess would be a "CRICUT" and what an awesome husband you have enjoy the time you have with him. I will be praying for his safe travels.

I am going with cuttlebug too!

I agree with almost everyone...it has to be a Cuttlebug!!! I love mine!
I hope I'm right!!
Heather L.

I agree - I bet he bought you a Cuttlebug! Now I can't wait to see all the fun things you make with it!

It has to be a cuttlebug!!! Yer gonna love it!!!

I do not what fun toys you have or do not have. I think that by the way you are talking and a 40% coupon, it must be the cuttle bug (but here they do not let you use a discount for that item) so let me think harder, maybe a new travel bag. Love to read you blogg everyda, it gives me a boost of engery. Ylta

Hi Dawn,
Love, Love, Love your blog. I visit every morning.
I'm guessing a cuttle bug to replace the old rolling pin.

I'm going to have to guess that you got one of them green little machine thingys...also known as a CUTTLEBUG! I hope that's what you got, they are sooo much fun!

Lisa A.

Bech'a it's a little green CUTTLEBUG !!!

yes yes, i agree with everyone else... is it the coveted cuttlebug?

Oh see and there was I thinking I would be the only one to guess a cuttlebug!!! he he

Alex xx

I'm guessing cuttlebug...

I'm thinking a Cuttlebug!!!

LOL! It seems everyone agrees that it is a cuttlebug! BUT - oh my! what if it isn't? I don't know who will be more disappointed... you or your many blog readers! LOL!

But seriously, I think we are all guessing the cuttlebug because your DH is so wonderful! We're all praying over your DH as he embarks on his new job in Iraq.

Many blessings over your whole family!
:) Dawn N.

Well, I am with the consensus. I'm hoping it's a Cuttlebug!

Oh yeah...Cuttlebug! That popped in my mind as soon as you said he stopped to get you something. He's a keeper!!! :)

I think IT was a cuttlebug too!!!. BTW, that is an awesome pic!!

I guessed before looking at everyone else's comments, and I can see we are all on the same wavelength... I think he got you a cuttlebug! :D YAY!

I'm guessing a CUTTLEBUG! I'm hoping to get one today too! Happy Birthday to me :)

Wow Hoo, 3 cheers for this man of the house, I hope he bought the cuttlebug!!! Can hardly wait to see what you are going to make with it :)

I know, I know, what it is! I don't even have to look at the other posts to verify my answer!! It's a Cuttlebug!! I love reading your blog. Your so inspirational. I want to buy one of your scissor charms one of these days, there so darn cute!
Laurie S.

You talked about a Cuttlebug so much, I know it has to be it!
Sandy Kay

It has to be your much wanted cuttlebug. Your husband is a real sweetheart.


LOL! I see I am not original in my guess, but I am thinking you got a cuttlebug. If so, I am jealous! LOL!

Happy for you!

Okay...I'll play...I'd like to submit an original answer, but the consensus seems to be Cuttlebug---I cant wait to be inspired! Jane

As soon as I read your post, I thought CUTTLEBUG!!


A cuttlebug????? Maybe, just maybe!!

Have fun with it!!

Kelly S

I'm thinking it is the Cuttlebug that you wanted so much! What an awesome guy to think of something special to give you...then to actually go out and BUY it! PLUS, ask for a discount! Wow!

I agree with everyone else....a Cuttlebug!!! I love all the cards I've seen on SCS that have CB stuff on them. I want one!! Heehee!

Definitely a cuttlebug. Lucky girl!!!!

I am hoping it was a Cricut. Or something just as big and nice. If he just bought you a stamp though, I think that would be okay too. :) Enjoy IT, Whatever IT is!!

My first thought when I saw this was it was a Cuttlebug because I saw them in a JoAnn's Fabric ad. I hope I get picked for the blog candy as I have never won and I had a birthday this week. I am not saying for sure which birthday it is....I'll just say 39 and Holding (on for dear life)lol

I didn't even have to think . . . it is definately the Cuttlebug. -- I am so excited for you. :)

Hey...I agree with everyone else ...he bought you a cuttlebug! Lucky girl if he did... I'm going to make my hubby read your blog later tonight! lol...it might give him some ideas too... :)

It has to be a Cuttlebug or a Big Shot by Ellison!!! I have the Big Shot. But either one, you will just LOVE!!!!


Hi Dawn - I think that you are now the proud owner of a Cuttlebug!!! You're going to have a lot of fun with this little machine. Love the embossing folders.

You lucky girl! What a sweetie you have! My hubby can go to the mall for an hour (at the most) and come back with nothing for me, but a full tummy for himself! I'm guessing The Big Shot Machine! I can't wait to find out! Letz

It's gotta be a cuttlebug!! You will love, love, love this machine!!!

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