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March 08, 2007


Okay, is it....ummm....bigger than a bread box? Huh? Is it...gable green & sahara sand colored? Hmmmmm? Is it's initials CB? Well, I have to go to work, so I am just gonna guess a CuttleBug? EdieB :D

p.s. Can I send your DH a list of things I need at M's too? Let me know. E

maybe a cuttlebug....if it is lucky girl....

My guess is also a cuttlebug....did I have to be first? Oh, I hope not!


I'm guessing a cuttlebug! I went to get one at JoAnn's Fabrics yesterday - they are on sale for $49.99 BUT THEY ARE OUT!! I'm jealous!


I bet your DH heard the call of the little green machine. Cuttlebugitis is contagious! LOL

Enjoy your surprise.

Hopefully it was not the kind of bug that crawls around your house and gives you cooties. I too think it was a Cuttlebug. The 40% off coupon may just give it away. Have a great day.
Dawn B


Now you have to get the envelopes to do all those different designs. I may have to check out one of those cuttlebugs myself. Have fun with your new toy!!!


I'm with the rest - a Cuttlebug, cuz you know you need to make those 40% off deals worthwhile!

Darn, can't believe I am not the first one to post today, Dawn. Of course I read your blog every morning--first thing!!! I will guess also the cuttlebug because I know how much you wanted one. And I bet your hubby did too. What a terrific man.
Thanks for the blog candy!!

I guess I'll jump on the band wagon and say Cuttlebug also. I pray to the heavens he wouldn't actually buy you a Sizzix! {wink} Whatever he got, he is a super sweet hubby!

Like everyone else, I am guessing a Cuttlebug?!

It has to be a Cuttlebug and I cannot believe they gave him 40% off just by asking!! Hooray for you - I can't wait to see what awesomeness you come up with using it.

I was going to guess a cuttlebug which are so fun but I see it's what everyone else thinks too so I am going to have to say a cricut. That would make my jaw drop!

I am guessing it is a little green cuttle bug!!

I bet you got a cute cuttlebug machine.... Have fun with it... and enjoy.

Cuttlebug -- I'm pretty sure of it! It's very cool that he knew to use that 40% off coupon. I love that !!

I'm guessing a Cuttlebug too. I remember you saying how much you wanted one but that you were going to have to wait a bit. Whatever it is, what a keeper of a husband! Give a squeeze from me just for making you so happy!

I also am guessing the Cuttlebug and if it is, you really have a GREAT guy. My hubby doesn't even have a clue what a Cuttlebug is let alone would he go get me one!!! You lucky gal :-)


It's got to be a cuttlebug machine, because I'm sure your husband knows how much you want one, we all know how much you want one. He just seems like the kind of husband that's totally in tune to your life. Enjoy it...

It has to be the cuttlebug! Of course. How sweet a husband you have. Any gift that a husband buys on his own is especially sweet. Congrats! Mary

hmmm my first thought was a cuttlebug machine, but since it's on sale at joanns already unless he got it at micheals....... so I will stick with my first thought and say cuttlebug. Have a Great Day!

I'll echo the 15 previous posts ... it's gotta be the 'ole CuttleBug. DH sure is a sweetie ...


It has got to be a cute little cuttlebug. I hope it is as I know how much you like it but then I am sure that you would like whatever your hubby brings home.

It's a cuttlebug!!! You lucky dog (if that's what it is)! I have been hinting around to my husband too. I even taped the JoAnn's flyer to his nightstand!

Like may others, it's got to be a bug. Isn't it great when our husbands get us bugs?!?! The green, die-cutting, embossing kind, that is. :) LOL

It has to be a cute little Cuttlebug!

Not to sound like a broken record, but it has to be your cuttle bug thingy. Whoo Hoo! XOXO

I'm definitely thinking a Cuttlebug. I certainly hope so anyway, I know you wanted one really badly and if he did get you one what a wonderful Hubby he is, definitely a keeper!

It's gotta be a Cuttlebug! Woohoo! No more rolling pin, right?

I'm guessing a cuddlebug too.
Claudia F.

my guess would be the Cuttlebug and embossing plates (or a Big Shot). What a guy, getting a gift just because AND using a coupon!

Your husband is so smart... my husband gets military discounts and forgets to ask for them, so he doesn't actually get them most of the time. Your hubby got you a Cuttlebug.
Unless he picked up a new rolling pin? HEHEHE

My guess is cuttlebug. What a great hubby! Now he had no doubt you will think of him while stamping and he's away. Smart guy! He knows you'll be stamping a lot to pass the time.

Hmmm.... tough one. Not! Must be a cuttlebug!

My guess is a cuttlebug! We all know that you want one!

I'm thinking it was a cuttlebug 'cause you did not have one yet....

I'm going to guess CUTTLEBUG!!!

I think it is a cuttlebug! If it is you are going to have so much fun with it.

I love your blog btw and check in daily.

Hubby must know one of your heart's disire is a cuttlebug machine. Congrads! Mary Binder

I guess a Cuttlebug as well


Yep, I think it is a Cuttlebug too! I hope it is 'cuz I can't wait to see what you do with it! What a great hubby!

My first thoughts were a cuttlebug especially when you said that he bought it with the 40% discount. So it definately had to be a big purchase. lol

I'm guessing Cuttlebug too, but the "IT" is kind of throwing me off...I'm thinking "IT" may be code for something...but I can't figure "IT" out!

girl...we all know you won't be using your water mister and rolling pin anymore!

Oh it is SO a CUTTLEBUG!!!

Take it back, take it back! I SO want to be different. I saw a BIG display at the store here (M's) for CRICUTS. So I am changing my guess to crIcuT--get it...IT! Love a contest! lj

A cuttlebug. What a keeper you have in your hubby. Mine says that I have "Too much" crafting stuff! Can you believe it?

Hi Dawn!
My guess is the Cuttlebug! What a sweetheart! I hope that's what it is!

You've been caught by that "Cuttlebug":)
That's what first popped into my head. You lucky, very lucky girl!!

Wow, and if I'm right, which I know I am, we could have a party since I have all those embossing folders and no machine as of yet, but you know my birthday is coming and who knows what I might get, KWIM?

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