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March 14, 2007


your hubby is so cute sitting there helping you out. Mine also is always thinking of ways to make things easier for me. He is now reminding me of the sick people at church that are sick that I need to send a card too! Never thought my hubby would make me stamp! lol. I love your blog, your creations too!

how wonderful that is! thats just GREAT that he is helping you with that! I couldn't image my husband helping me stamp!

You are so blessed that your hubby is so willing and helpful! Do you have any scissor charms left? I really want something blue... Let me know okay? Thanks Girlfriend!!!

Way to Go Richard! You rock on:)

I will say though, Ed and the kids have helped me with school projects for them, i.e. halloween & valentine treats.

Keep up the good work:)

You are both so lucky to have each other, KWIM?

Dawn just wanted to thank you for your inspiration. I signed as new Demo about 2 months ago, basically because of your inspiration. Keep up the good work.

Hi Dawn.
Love he's helping you out!
If he's carrying on his luggage then all gelor liquid items like shave cream, toothpaste shampoo need to be in no larger than 3 ounce containers, clearly marked and fit in a quart size baggie comfortably or they toss them away in front of you... I know it hurts they tossed my Lancome lip gloss from my pocket book, OUCH.
Anyhow good luck and if he's checking his luggage in he can bring any size toiletries he wishes :}
Just returned from a killer flight from Oahu...to MA.
Have him check the flight times on the computer before he leaves.. we didn't and had a long wait at the Honolulu airport as they changed our flight from noon till 5:40 and we arrived the 2 hours early at 10 am like they request! :{

My hubby is all over the tools, too! He LOVES embossing!

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