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January 18, 2007


Dawn - I just love this card! Frogs are DD favorite lately. I agree with you on america idol, about the borther and sister, his parents should be proud of him how he handled himself and not gloated that the judges thought he was better than his sister. Simon could be a little less cruel.

LOVE the frog card! I also LOVE your blog, your creations are always wonderful. Thank you for sharing your creativity and for being such an inspiration! Have a great day!

Dawn, Love the frog card and what a great way to use the slot punch. Great thinking outside of the box.

With America Idol, I personally I don't watch the show. But I think if people wrote to the componies that have commercials on that show and the network, complaining about the treatment contestestants, maybe it would be toned down. Constructive critism would be helpful, but degradation should not be tolerated.

I'm on my soap box, because some friends were told that their talents, service and experience was no longer needed at a certain auto co. According to my DH, that may have one of the scripts that was used. But still....

Thanks for listening.

Even though it may not be one of your favorites, you still did a marvelous job!
Sorry, but I'm not a fan of American Idol so I can't contribute to that conversation. However, According to Jim was just hilarious last night! 2 great new episodes back to back. Medium was pretty good too.

Oooh, love the color combo here! Great details too!

cute card! i love it.

Yet another adorable card :-) I just purchased my first frog stamp on e-bay tonight thanks to your inspiring card :-)
I watched American Idol too - and I agree - that bro. and sis. could sing! However - did you happen to notice how IRRITATED the sister was when the brother got all the compliments? She was really angry. I hope she can learn something from that sweetheart of a brother she has! I thought the comments Simon made about the kid with the bigger eyes being a monkey were way too far. It's one thing to make fun of people that can't sing but choose to put themselves in the public eye (not that that's okay either) - but it is entirely another thing to make fun of a physical feature people are born with and can't do anything about.
Anyway - looking forward to another great season!

beautiful card!
i don't watch american idol. it's sad that america craves mean and cruel shows lately. constructive criticism is one thing, cruelty another. i really can't make the show go away on tv, but in my house a simple click of the remote and my statement of disdain is clarified!
love your blog, and all the greens in this card are great! very pretty!

Your card looks great...this set doesn't say "elegant" to me but this card does!

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