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January 02, 2007


I would look at David's bridal for a homecoming dress. They start at $99. You might find stuff on clearence too. Depending on what she wants, I saw some cute dresses at Kohl's two days ago. They were short dresses. Also check some consignment stores. I have a bunch of "prom" dresses here. What size is she? Ii have a baby blue and a pale yellow dress she could have. I think they are a size 16 so someone who have to alter it for her. if she's interested, I can take a picture of them and email it to you. For the blue one, I have matching shoes and a purse too.

Dawn- Can't help you with the dress but I can tell you where the tux shops are in my town!

I like the card...it's unique and different...gotta like that!

Try the Bridal/Evening gown outlet at Great Lakes Crossing. The exact name escapes me, but I think it has USA in the name of some sort or another. It's one of the biggest bridal outlets w/evening dresses at great prices.
Good Luck!

Found the name of that store.........

Group USA The Clothing Store

it's near Burlington Coat Factory, which might be another place to check out

I really like that look! Too cute!
P.S. Happy Birthday a few days early ;)


Heather has had luck getting her dresses at Kohl's and JCPenny's. Make sure you check out the clearance area. Good Luck.


Good Luck on the dress...threw mine away.. Then again the eighties are back in style...perhaps I should have saved it :}

Love that font on the card! I've been contemplating signing up to be a demo during SAB.

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