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January 03, 2007


She'll love this card. It's beautiful. Happy Birthday Mom!

Love this card, of course purple is my favorite color too! Can't go wrong there! Tell your mom Happy Birthday!! Have your tried Best Buy for your CD's for your camera?

Hey, Dawnie! I've missed being around, too! I love, love, love your card! I'm just not making this set work for me so maybe I could CASE on of yours? Do I have your permission...please?

Happy Birthday to your mom! I'm sure you have a great day planned for her! Enjoy it!

Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear Judy & Dawn, Happy birthday to both of you!

Have you tried looking online for the mfg of your camera to direct you for parts/service?

Happy Birthday to your Mom.

Maybe it's time for a new camera. Have you tried Ritz Camera?

Good luck finding your CDs.

Happy Birthday to your mom! She's going to love this card... it's wonderful!

Love this card, Dawn!! I may have to case it!

This card is beautiful. Any Mom would be glad to receive it.

My B-day is Jan. 21. Let's hear it for us January babies! Strong Mom's had babies in Jan.

Very pretty card. Love the sparkles and paisley's!

Ok, my first comment on your blog!!! I hope your mommy had a wonderful birthday, and I wish you a happy birthday tomorrow as well! I turn 40 on January 30th. Hurray for January babies!!!!

Oh Dawn, I wish I had known it will be your birthday on the 5th. I hope that you have a wonderful birthday and that you will be able to celebrate your 40th in the way that you want. By the way..............you look like your about 33! No lie. Please tell your Mom I said Happy Birthday even though she does not know me. And I *love* your card Dawn.


You are so creative! happy Birthday to your mom

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