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January 19, 2007


It's funny you mentioned something about waxing today. I was getting ready this morning and noticed that I need to make an appointment to get my eyebrows waxed.

I wax my eyebrows and upper lip too. I have for over 15 years. I can wax my own upper lip. I'm afraid to do my own eyebrows. I don't want to take too much off. I can do between my eyebrows and somewhat underneath the ends of the eyebrows but I can arch them.

Are you going to post the directions to your wallet?

Dawn, I hate to admit it but I actually shave my upper lip. I used to wax but hated it as it grew in so now every day I just use an electric razor and keep the "stubble" down. I am kinda interested in the new laser hair removal but don't know anyone who has done it and wonder if it really works and how pricey it is. Do you know anything about it?
I love your wallet card. Are you going to give us instructions?

I do both. I have to pluck in between waxing. I love your card, it has so many possibilities. Instructions would be great.

Looking forward to making that card tomorrow night! Thanks for the sneak peek! I only waxed my eyebrows a couple of times, where I use to get my haircut, but I don't wax of shave. I problably need too.

i visit you at least once a day. am in love with your cards. do you post instructional info for those of us who are not professional stampers? would love one for today!

You might even see a bit more blog traffic as I mentioned you amongst my fav bloggers in a post I did last night. I love how you inspire us with your beautiful creations on nearly a daily basis! I come here to get my 'daily dose of Dawn' ! Thanks for sharing!

I GET my brows waxed and you are right...hurts like the dickens but it's over momentarily. Funny question!

AND, I love your wallet! If you have a chance will you shoot me the directions? I would be eternally greatful! Can you see me in eternity thanking you for the pattern? Kinda silly, huh?

Love this wallet layout. I think I will give it a try too. I am fortunate that my eyebrows are very light colored so I just tweeze away. It is a real PAIN being a woman sometimes. The things we do for beauty.
Love your blog.

I love your blog and check it every day; it is like checking in with a friend daily. I thank you for every little piece of information and creativity you post. Now I am begging you to post the instructions for this wallet card as it is adorable. As for the waxing; I get my eyebrows waxed and would not do it any other way.

Hi Dawn,

Will you share your measurements for the wallet? It is awesome! I would love to make one myself.


Oh, and I am a plucker. Too scared to go for wax.

threading is the way to go gals. It is relatively painless compared to waxing, inexpensive and only needs to be done monthly. I have my entire face done and it is wonderful. You know how it gets as you get older. LOL It is sometimes difficult to find someone in your area that does the threading. Look it up on line and check it out. Jan

LOVE IT !!!!!!!!!! How absolutely adorable is this !!! (as is EVERYTHING you make, girlfriend)

I love your Blog! And I too check it daily. I would love to have the directions for your wallet card if you are sharing...thanks so much!

Personally, I do both. When I'm being cheap, I stick to the plucking. When I mess it up - I head to the salon to get waxed instead! I only pluck/wax my eyebrows and upper lip when it needs it. I don't know what happened, but when I turned 35, hair started growing everywhere on my face!
Wallet card looks really really cool. Gosh you are so creative :-) I think I'm going to have to move north a bit so I can be at your workshops :-)

When I used to go to the salon and get my nails done 3 years ago, I would get my eyebrows waxed. Needless to say, they are in great need of a "cleanup"! However, since I wear glasses and the hair is very light, I've gotten away without doing anything.

Haven't gotten to the point of doing anything to the upper lip, although I do pluck the birthmark mole I have in the upperlip corner.

I'm so excited for tomorrow, gonna be BIG fun!

Hey Dawn!
Love your blog and visit everyday faithfully! Some of your stories are so funny and some have me in tears some days. Thank you for sharing your days with us!
Your wallet card is beautiful! Any chance you will be posting the directions or doing a tutorial on them? I would appreciate that so much!
And lastly, yes I do wax my eye brows. Been doing so for about 10 years now since I just recently turned 40 myself. My hairdresser is dying to get her hands on waxing my lip but I just can't seem to let anyone touch it yet. For now i'll stick to plucking those dark ones!
Thanks again!! Stay warm...it got very cold & windy here today in PA. Burrrr Have a great weekend!


I am in love with your cards!!!


Thanks for sharing your card designs! And to answer your question (hope this won't eliminate me from your contest) but I don't do either!?!?lol

Hi Dawn,

I'm in a couple of yahoo groups with you and from the the very first time I dropped in on your blog, I was hooked and you were bookmarked! You are so very talented and quite insightful and humorous :)

I have just seen that you are now #49 in the Stampers Top 50!!! CONGRATULATIONS :)

Oh yea, I pluck eyebrows (only in between) and the occasional wild face hair, I bleached my upper lip hair once, but haven't really done anything since (except be sure my makeup isn't caked in the hair-lol). I used to wax my underarms and bikini line years ago, but gave that up when the pain didn't seem to really easy up any - lol Although it did cause a permanent reduction in the massive number of hairs - YEA!


You look beautiful in a hat. I wish hats would make a come-back. In the 50's and 60's there were the neatest hat shops and we had more fun trying on hats until we found "the one." We would wear them to church and to other gatherings. I am almost seventy and I have only plucked my eye brows a few times. Then I didn't wear lipstick until I was a junior in high school. I am lucky to remember to comb my hair let alone put on some lipstick.

LOVE the wallet! please share the instructions!
i {sigh} pluck chin hairs! yup, 48 years old and i have chin hairs... i constantly tell my kids when i am old, and in the "home" please pluck them for me, and my middle one keeps telling me that she's going to let it grow into a "fu man chu" beard as punishment for all the chores and curfews i imposed on them LOL!
love this BLOG! keep up the good work! (hi from Connecticut)

I love your wallet card and would love to have the instruction for it.
I'm a plucker. I have never tried waxing, my daughter has her eyebrows waxed.
I just love your blog and visit everyday. Thanks for the great ideas.

Love the wallet card, Dawn! I think I need to figure this one out for my club ladies. :-)

Just found you blog and I am enjoying it. I must admit I have a few stray black whispers that appear from no where under my chin and I can't see them til I get out in the car and pull down the mirror (in good light), take a quick look before I go somewhere. And then I freak out, they come from nowhere and my husband never sees them. I carry my tweezers in my purse.LOL

Great wallet card, Dawn. Too cute. Thanks for posting this. I am off to try one now.

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