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January 29, 2007


I'm having a DUH!!! Monday morning moment... what do you mean by this, "Dawn posted the Great news to me via email through SCS and she now has removed the tutorial of my shadow box in replace of my never ending card"?

I went to SCS and saw the shadow box challenge. I didn't see the never ending card post.

Yeah! Congrats! over and over and over again!!!!!!!

Great Job, well done!

Amen, girlfriend! You are just going to die when I tell you this! I have been singing in my head all morning...He is Holy by 3rd Day. Hmmm...great minds think alike, huh?

Congratulations Dawn. You are such an inspiration to all of us. Can't wait to see your tutorial at SCS. And by the way count me in as one of your groupies. :) I love the card that you made using the Bodacious brass template. Oy! You put a lot of work into it. Came out goregous. Once again, congratulations.


I KNOW!! I totally jumped on that bandwagon when I saw today's challenge...went straight to your AWESOME tute!! :o) I only had time to make one, but I'm pumped and want to make more, and more, and more {you get the picture!} Now I'll have to go check out your other tutes here. Thanks soooo much for taking pics and helping us poor souls along. INPIRATION makes the world go 'round!! :o) hugs

Ok...OOPS, that was suppose to say "INSPIRATION" hehehe ;o)

Hi Dawn:
Also my youngest daughter name..I came across your site via SCS this past Sunday. Your cards are beautiful and very creative. It may have something to do with you being a Cap (smile; I am also). Thanks for sharing how you create some of your work. (I have not read all of your blog to know whether or not you give tips on all)I trully believe in God. Whenever I am stuck on a card I am trying to create, I ask God for inspiration. He has not failed me yet. He guides me during my sleep, when I am guiet, browsing books/magazines, or send someone or something to show me the way. Continued blessings in your artwork and future endeavors. I wish you well.
aka SherylD (SCS)

Wow...BEAUTIFUL CARD...I love that saying also...TFS. Liann

That embossing paste card is too cool! I think I some of that stuff! LOL!

That last post should read: I think I "need" some of that stuff. I guess if you put a word in between this symbol , it gets deleted! Ya learn something new every day.

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