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January 23, 2007


Dawn these are adorable...I've yet to make time to whip out any of these, and yet they really don't take much time...go figure! Thanks for the inspiration.

What a great job you did on your tutorial. I must make a few of these to give out. They are darling and look so easy to do. Thanks for such great instructions. You are a peach!!!!

How adorable! And what a great tutorial. I'll have to make some of these. Thanks for showing us how.

Thanks for the visual instructions! I do much better seeing how it is done then trying to read the directions.

Those are absolutely adorable!!! What a cute tutorial. thanks for sharing!!!

OMGosh that is adorable! Thank you so much for the fabulous tutorial! I'm definitely going to try this today!

And the easy schmesy...I got that from my youngest son's (8 y/o) friend who says easy schmesy lemon squeezy. How cute is that?

Thanks for the smile this morning Dawn!

WOW!! i didn't realize they were so TINY!! how stinkin' cute is that?!!!!
I will have to try this later. is there anywhere that will sell me just a few nuggets, so I don't eat the rest of the whole bag myself!???!!!! ;)

Those nugget purses are darling! I see a big batch of those in my future;)

Thanks for the tutorial!

Have a great day!

Awesome job! Thank you, thank you very much, mon ami!

These are so cute!!!
I'll have to make some up for my hostesses for the next month......GREAT JOB!!!

Hot damn - these are sweet! Guess what all my co-workers are getting for Valentines - well, the female co-workers anyways!! Thanks for the tutorial!

I have been looking all over for something really cute to give my little sunday school kids - how cute are these nugget purses??? I'll have to make some boyish, but I think I can make it work. THANKS for the awesome tutorial!

Dawn, I have to tell ya, I think you are the cutest thing and so darn positive and so darn creative! I love coming here everyday. It is like being greeted with a huge Good Morning and a fresh breathe of air! Thank you for all that you do for us! I love these purses too! I wish I lived right next door! :) Lisa

love the tiny purses.great job philly

Sooo cool! Thanks so much for the in structions. I don't have the tag punch so I might have to wing it lol. I do have the tag corner punch. thanks again!

I did it!! Thanks for the wonderful instructions, they are soooo cute. I am going to make them for give aways at my stamp camps. Dawn, you are great, I love ya. Janice ;)

These are too cute to make for my daughter's class for school. She only has 4 boys -- do you have a quick little thing that is more boyish to share???? The tutorial is GREAT!

How sweet...
Thanks for the step by step tutorial. It's perfect.
These are really cute and I can't wait to make some myself...
Rubber Hugs,

Those are so cool Dawn! Thanks for the tutorial!!!

Oh these are soo Cute!! thanks so much for the class!!! cheryl

Thanks so much for the step by step tutorial with pictures. You made it so easy for me to create thses cute little purses with various scraps I had just laying around. Very fun!

Your nugget purses are the cutest thing! Thanks for sharing your instructions. I'm going to try making some of these. :-)

These are so darling! Thanks so for sharing them.

Maybe I'm blind, but I'm wondering if you could tell me the length of the ribbon handle.

Thanks again!

I *love* these - thank you for sharing. Absolutely awesome.

these little things are so wonderful.... what a great idea.... thank you for sharing...
Greetings from Germany's borderline to Denmark

Super cute! I'll have to give it a try.

Oh gosh, I love this idea too!! I just tried the snowburst technique & it worked perfectly, thank you for the tutorials!
I'm going to buy some candy now so I can try THIS neat idea too! You clever girl!
Sunshine NZ xo

Great tutorial Dawn! Nice project...so cute!

This are so cute. I just made one the see how long and hard they were. They are so easy and take no time. Thanks for sharing.

Great tutorial - thanks!

I would just like to say that out of all the different websites I went to, you helped me understand the directions better and thanks also for using measurements on paper.

I posted a link to your page for a template to the nugget purses on my blog. I hope that's okay =)

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