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October 31, 2006


WOW! What a beautiful bag, Dawn! Absolutely gorgeous! I love that set, but have held my hands back from ordering it because I'm trying my hardest to be good. ;) I just drool over everything I see done with it, though. ;)

These bags are great! Can you bring it Friday so we can drool over it??

You rock! And of course always amaze me over and over again!

Oh, geeze...another GREAT project! Thanks for putting the directions in the post. I'll be printing it off so I can keep it in my "cool things to try" file! Good luck with your mom...I'll pray everything goes well with this appointment today and in the future for the surgery! Have a great halloween!

There fabulous.thanks for the idea.I needed gift bags for my hubands gifts for the ladys he works with. thanks Dawn you are the best.

Cute, cute, cute!!!! I love the genie bag!!!

Okay, this is beyond beautiful. I am going to have to do a bag like this in my Christmas packaging class. It is very elegant. You are so awesome to share your beautiful work like you do. Very generous spirit you have! Blessings.

I just love your work. This bag is so elegant,yet simple. Thanks for instructions

pretty bag- I'm not sure of the size, but perhaps fill it with homemade goodies- cookies, or bars or something?

Tell Auntie Judy I'm proud of her for finally getting those eyes fixed!!! I know how scary any kind of eye surgery can be. XOXO

The bag you made is gorgeous! I love the white and bravo burgundy they look so elegant together.The little gift tag is also lovely. Where do you buy a genie bag?


What an elegant Genie bag! So pretty.

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