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January 09, 2015


MaryJo Marshall

That was sooo cool to watch!! WOW - you are one lucky girl to stamp with Shelli!!!

Susan Aten

Love, Love, Love your video with Shelli! And your card is beautiful!

Charlotte C

I can see how thrilled you were to be making this video with Shelli Gardner. My first introduction to stamping was SU products and I always embossed with the inks pads, still do. They are for sure my favorite ink pads and favorite card stock in the world.


Awesome!!! A dream come true for you Dawn! Beautiful card!


Looks like you had a GREAT time!! So cute .

Bobbi Miller

YOWZA!!! What a wonderful video! First, congratulations on your Million Dollar Milestone! Such a wonderful event to celebrate! The video is awesome and I ADORE that card! I had no idea we could emboss using Classic Ink... WHOO HOO!!! Thanks so much for sharing this wonderful video and I must say Dawn, you look fantastic! Hugs!

Diana Gibbs

You both are so cute, and I am glad Shelli could come stamp with you..Ha! Love ya, Di

Debi Pippin

It would be my dream to stamp with Shelli as well!
So happy for you Dawn my sweet friend.

Nancy Hill

The video shows what an amazing time we can have stamping with friends! I'm so happy you got to make a video with Shelli!

Ruthie Graen

I DID NOT know either that you could emboss with Classic Ink? I don't think that we've ever been told this, it makes sense though because the new style pads are so juicy! I'm thrilled to haved learned this. That was one BEA UTI FUL card!

Laurie Zoellmer

LOVE IT!!! You two are so cute and the card is GORGEOUS!

Lisa Sylvia

How sweet Dawn. That's awesome to have spent time with Shelli. Gorgeous card. WOW, I learned something new also, I didn't know you could emboss with the Classic Ink pads either. I thought the ink had to be wet. I guess we do learn something everyday.

Patty Warren Little

WOW, Congratulations on the awesome opportunity to work side by side with Shelli. You both look great!!!

Becky Green

LOOOOOVE your VIDEO Dawn!!!!! YOU are a STAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!;) SUPER JOB!!!!!! TOO FUN!!!!!:D

Ruth Bingle

Oh my gosh Dawn! How FUN was that? I loved watching you and Shelli! and congratulations to you again! So deserved!

Emily B

What a great video! Just like stamping with friends!So cute! Gorgeous card and at the same moment you said it, I also exclaimed, 'embossing with classic ink!!!' wow! I was not going to get that stamp set. I must now! That card is just too gorgeous to not be able to CASE!Thanks so much for using your time there to make a video for your fans!

patricia p.

What a great tutorial with the two of you rock stars..
I really enjoyed it...
ps the card is fantastic and really elegant

Misty Morgan

OMG! What a beautiful card!! I loved the video! Thanks for the inspiration!


Traci Davis

Oh how fun for you to get to stamp with Shelli! It looks like you had a great time. I'm so excited that she shared that she embosses with classic ink, I had no idea you could do that! Thanks for sharing.


What a fun video this is! It looks like you were truly in your element stamping away with Shelli. What a perfect thing for you to do - and such a wonderful video to add to your collection. Congratulations again on your achievement.


You are one lucky gal! SOOOOO CUTE!!


Dawn, congratulations again on reaching one million in sales. It is such a joy to actually see you, and I knowing stamping side by side with Shelli Gardner must be awesome. You so deserve this treat as you are as Shelli herself said a "rock star". You're also a great source of inspiration and a great source of information for your customers and for new demos alike. The cards you received are beautiful.

Cheryl Algie

What a wonderful video showcasing a stunning card and the two of you obviously doing what you love !

s. Carter

How cool is this? !!!
It is the prettiest card I have ever seen that was attributed to Shelli! And all of the embossing! Woo hoo! That is my first love as well. It is the first thing I did with stamping...for my wedding cards!
The colors are fabulous and I love collages. Thank you to Shelli for the great tips; keeping your stamps really clean for this and for teaching us that you can stamp with Classic Ink. I really cannot tell you how excited I am about that!
It was so cool to see you while you were stamping and not just your pretty hands. :)
Blessings and thanks to you!

Gwen Mangelson

I laughed and laughed- "HOW NEW IS IT"? This video has my 2 FAVORITE stampers in it! So happy for you!! Absolutely PERFECT!
I can't wait to case this card!


Dawn!! What fun to have Shelli there with you! Congrats!!! I love watching your videos and hearing you get all excited while watching your hands, but it was so cool to see your face as you got excited in this video.

Julie Davison

It was so fun to watch you and Shelli! You worked hard to earn that special time with her! Congratulations again on your amazing milestone!

Denise Waddell

So fun and so cute of both of you! Congrats to you also for your big career milestone! So happy for you and thanks for sharing with us!


So cool - you ARE a rock star!


Great video!! It was a treat seeing your smiling face and not just your hands!! Congrats on your big award!!!

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