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May 31, 2013


Becky Green

Dawn! Is this clay, "Paper Clay?" AND don't forget to punch holes in your button! You could string thread through it! :) I DID notice this FUN STUFF in the catalogue!!! FUN! FUN! FUN! :)


So how long does it take the clay to dry?


Ooo can't wait to order those and play! Looks like play dough. ;)

Ter ;)

Norma W.

Thanks so much for that video, Dawn, I was really getting frustrated as there are no instructions with this, and I wanted to make some to show my customers, so I really appreciate the video.

Allison Beisner Nolan

Dawn, I had some questions/concerns about this new product. I watched your video and tried to apply the ink drops with the disposable gloves on...The black ink made the clay so sticky that the clay stuck to the gloves and I lost a big blob of it. I took them off and got the black ink all over my fingers but the clay didn't stick as much to my fingers and I was able to use most of it this way. Did I do something wrong?
Also, I can't seem to pop the molds out right away like you did in the video...if I do, they are misshapen and unusable. The only way I have found that works most of the time is to press them onto paper and they clay sticks to that as it dries. Then I have to be ultra careful and I peel them off the paper (some still rip or break and I have to toss them. I am really trying to incorporate these fun buttons and flowers into my projects and stamp camps, but very frustrated with the process!
Can you help?

Dawn Griffith

Allison: Have you tried other colors re-inkers beside Black ?
How many drops did you add to the clay ? Your clay seems really wet / moist I have heard of using corn starch with your clay to help dry the clay a little more so it won't stick in the mold. Just add a little at a time , The corn starch should not change anything about the final out come just help you remove them from mold easier .
Hope this helps :)

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