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April 18, 2013



I prefer the label on my stamps, so I am trying something else. I leave the rubber that the stamps were punched from in the case. Empty space-find that stamp. I haven't removed the sticky backing from the rubber to adhere it to the case yet because I haven't decided if I like or don't like this method.


Yes! I did this same thing after realizing the stamps don't really stick well to the clear blocks when you place the sticker on the actual stamp. The only thing different that I did was I put the sticker on the case underneath the plastic "sleeve" thats on the outside of the case. This way the sticker is protected from curling or peeling off. (I hope you understand what I mean.) It's a little tricky but I managed by laying the case open & facing down & carefully placing the sticker between the two.


I stick the labels on the case like you did, BUT, I make a copy, cut paper to correct size and put on the inside front cover, that way I can use the labels as intended.

Dawn Griffith

My Stamping friends ROCK! I love love love all your quick tips too .. I may have to use your tips too :)
Thanks for posting them friends <3


What set is that in the case? I love it!

Becky Green

SUPER IDEA DAWN!!!!!! I saved the stickers after realizing the stamps didn't stick well to the blocks, knowing I didn't want to throw them out, but not sure what I'd use them for! I'm GLAD I didn't throw them out!!!!!!!! :) NOW, I can do what YOU did!!!!!!! :) THANKS DAWN!!!!!!! Keep those SUPER TIPS COMING!!!!!!! :)

Brenda (LadyofCards)

I've been using the stamp cases for sometime now. I've placed my other stamps in the cases as well. Some cases will have at least 3 different sets. At first I would place the image on the back of the case but that didn't work out for me since I wanted to double them up. I am, in short so very please with the stamp cases. I started out with the medium 3 drawn storage for the cases, I'm now up to the large 3 drawer and on my second one.
Thanks for all you share with us and so glad you're doing better.
Hugs 'N Blessings


You can also just photocopy the stickers and put them inside the box, like I sometimes do. Just so you know what should be in there when you take a stamp out. but of course you can't see through that.

Lovina Freed

Like the lady above, I use the rubber rectangle the stamps come on, remove the stamps, take the backing off, place it on the back side of the case. After I put the stickers on the stamps, they go right back in the space they were removed from. This keeps the small stamps neat and tidy. I do adhere the sticker to the stamp. I leave the sticker on the sheet, remove half of the paper from it. Place the sticker over the sticker, pick it up, remove the other half of the paper and finish adhering the sticker to the stamp.

Norma W.

I hear problems getting the stamps to stick to the blocks, but I hve no problem with mine. The main thing you need to remember is the stamps and blocks need to be room temperature. My stamp room stays at 60 degrees in the winter and around 72 in the summer.

Sherry Conrad

I would think you could use Avery clear labels & stamp the image if you wanted to put labels on the stamps & still use this idea!

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