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March 28, 2013


Lara Walker

GREAT idea!! Thanks for the tip.

Christine Rae Lotz

Brilliant! I also was curious about how you applied the sticker. I remember when the clear mount first came out you demo'd how to leave the stamps in their rubber mold spot and then apply the sticker, which I still do, much easier than trying to hold both the stamp and the sticker and match them up. But do you have a new improved method now? Please share that!

Deloris Gilmore

Hi Dawn:

Happy Easter to you and your family. So glad you are doing well. Missed you. What a great tip today with the glue pen for clear mount stamps. Will give it a try as I too do not put the image on my stamps any more as they seem to fall off.



Thanks Dawn for the Great tip!!

A lot of my customers complain they have
issues with their clear blocks... I will
surely pass this along!

Bridget Willis

Thats great! GOOD IDEA! THANKS


dawn! this is pure genius! i would never have thought of it. i will be passing this along to my customers for sure. thanks for sharing it!

Becky Green

Thanks Dawn!!!!!!!!!! You're SO FUN to listen to!!!!!!! :) SUPER TIP!!!!!! :) THANKS!!!!!! :)

Angie Leach

Thanks SO much for this tip! I can't wait to try it. I like the sticker, but I always end up putting Dotto on my sticker and it's such a mess! This looks like a fantastic solution!


A terrific "Aha" moment! I will do that ASAP! Thanks so much!


Fabulous tip, Dawn! Even with cleaning the block, I have a few clear stamps that just don't want to cling. Can't wait to give this technique a try - I bet they'll stick after they're treated!!

Barb Davidson

Could you please refresh us on how to apply the stickers without removing them from the mold? Missed that and don't know where to find it.


Wonderful tip!!!! I was about to go back to block mounted stamps now I don't have to! Thanks for the tip.

Dawn Griffith

Barb ;
Here a video Hope this is the one you are looking for :)


Thanks Dawn for the great tip!

Ter ;)

Rene from OZ  xo

Thanks Dawn,
This is a great tip. Hope your leg and the rest of you are doing well
Rene from OZ xo


I love this tip and will find it very useful. Thanks so much. I enjoy your site. Great ideas.

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