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January 30, 2013



Oh my goodness your hubby is definately a keeper! Great video.

Linda Burrows

Dawn, This video is sooo cute. Your man is just the greatest!!!!!

Becky roberts

The BEST Dawn! So funny and a great intro. Love the blood - you could not have planned that better! Hugs! Becky

Sharon Russell

I am laughing so hard tears are running down my legs! If this doesn't sound like my friend (also an SU demonstrator) and her husband---LOL! Too too funny! I am sure your sales on this one are going to skyrocket! Thanks for sharing! Blessings, Sharon


Love the two of you together...so cute! Hey, I got an idea...let's have him as your guest stamper once a month. That would be soooooooo Kool!!! Thanks you two for making my smile!

Dawn Griffith

Thank you everyone !
Rita : We have created a monster girlie cause he is already thinking that LOL! 2 great minds think alike ( you & my hubby) :)


Yep, and he sounded like he had a blast! Made us all laugh & wanting more, hahaha!!!

Sandy in VA

He's too cute...and funny...thanks for sharing. I have a feeling he's caught the stamping bug and will be standing by to take over when you need him!


How adorable are you two, I'm sure you bring that humor into everything you guys too in which is why you have been marriaged for so long.. Love the fact he is involved in what you do... I'm lucky to say my husband would have done the video also but many women aren't as lucky as us...Keep up the great work. LOVE IT LOVE IT

Su OBrien

Dawn! Too CUTE!!!

Karla Endris

OMG, I'm laughing so hard. I loved this video! I'm at work so I had to take one ear piece out to make sure I wasn't laughing too loud. If Stampin' UP does a video contest for this you would definitely win! Great job!

Becky Green

HOW FUNNY!!!!!!! :) You two were too FUNNY together! I kept thinking, "There goes the ink pad...!" (After seeing it go crocked!) & "GET THAT CARD STOCK AWAY FROM HIM!!!!!" With the ink on his fingers & then the blood!!!!!! LOL CHROME PAPER IS a GREAT IDEA!!!!!!!! :) TOOO, TOOO FUNNY!!!!!!!! :)

Beth Scearce (Roxy's downline)

AWESOME! I was laughing out loud at work and am still chuckling when I think about it. You two are so cute together. Keep up the good work, and I hope to see more videos of you two together. Now if I could just get my hubby stamping!


Such a great video, for cards or mower gaskets this is a very versatile set .. hope SU sees it!! I like that the blood spot makes it original, will have to remember not to panic the next time I cut myself and don't find out about it until I've ruined a card. Priceless!!

Cindy Henry

Dawn and Hubby,
Thanks so much for sharing such an adorable, funny and very informative video!! You two are just way too cute and must have such a fun life together. Can hardly wait for your next video with your special "Guest Stamper".

Patth Henson

You put a smile on my face for the day...I wish my family got as interested in my stamping as your husband does. LOVE all of your ideas and cards that you share with us it helps when you need a quick idea for that special card for that special someone in our lives...Keep the ideas coming. You two have a great day hoping to see more man stamping in the months to come....LOL....


I sat here thinking...OMG HE IS GONNA GET INK ON EVERYTHING!!! LOL!!


I loved watching your husband open the package and having to count out everything LOL.. Kudos to him for stamping his first card! Turned out great! And you Dawn, trying to get in there to see the cardstock and he wouldn't let you haha that was funny! You two make the perfect Stamping Partners!!


That was hysterical! Love this video!


Best vid ever Dawn! :-)
I think it would not have been a "male" card without a decent blood stain anyway. Adds some interest. ;-)


LOL, what a cute video Dawn, that was a great idea. Your husband is so funny.


So sweet, You are a lucky gal Dawn!


Absolutely a great video...and the time went sooo fast....love it

TJ Lewis

So enjoyed this. What a great hubby you have!!


I think Rich earned you a record number of comments for one video! You are a great pair! God obviously blessed you both when He brought you together! Amen? Amen!!!

Jacqueline Dorer-Russell

Cutest "hubby" & SU! demo wife tutorial I have seen so far....Dawn your DH is so funny,YOU Better watch him, some day he will be making HIS own cards & videos ! ( a little competition maybe ? ) :)

Sarah O.

I think the best part is when he writes "Sugar Mama" at the end!!! aaah-hahahahahahahahaha!! Great video, you guys!


To Sugar Mom and THE DUDE...You're priceless! Thanks for the laughs! No pressure, no dress rehearsal...just fun! How about more stampin' fun with THE DUDE using another stamp set. : )


Great giggles video, Dawn & hubby.
Agreed with you Dawn, thats a nice box ....LOL


I've been waiting for this video.....LOVED it. Thanks for sharing it!!!! You guys are great together! Hope you guys do another!


What a trooper he is! Not only did he stamp, but he allowed you to video tape it too?! He should guest stamp more often . . . I'm just sayin'. "love it". ;0)

Bridgett Owens

He is so funny! Dawn I love this video and I agree... more videos of THE MAN!! :) LOL He cracks me up! Isn't it fun to stamp with our hubbies? I love that! I think he is super sweet, too, to make such a special card for his sugar mama!!! Dawn, you guys were having so much fun with this, my face hurts from the laughter! And he is so right...we need chrome paper! My husband is a race car driver and we definitely need manly paper for our guys! :)

Debbie Goffin

Hilarious Dawn ... my hubby's called Richard and he's also into bikes!
You both made me smile, thank you xx

patricia p.

Ditto to all of the above..I was thinking he's going to break the pad...he's getting blood on the card stock.. He's not stamping hard enough...look how he cleans the stamps..on and on. All the time laughing my socks off. You guys are a comedy routine waiting to happen.
This was great...really loved it...he's a good sport and has a great sense of humor...


Linda McGee

TOO FUNNY....the blood makes it more personal! What a fun,
fun video..Congratulations to both of you!!!

Keep them coming.



You two remind me of Lucy and Ricky on I Love Lucy. So funny!!

Kadie in Arizona

Your husband is a SUPER GOOD EGG! Not sure my husband would have EVER figured out how to open our ink pads.....AND...the first drop of blood - he would have been GONE! Thanks to Richard for playing along. Hope he liked his "Dude, Your Welcome" kit.


fabulous - he is a genius - you shoyuld recruit him NOW!! :)

Beth S.


I laughed through the whole video. It was great. Sure hope hubby will be helping with more of your videos. He's a great addition to them.


Annie Broad

Had to call my husband in to watch you to,we laught and laught,good on you Richard and Suga mama, Blessings,from NZ

Shari Fritz

Your husband is a good sport. Enjoyed your banter! In a perfect world men would stamp--I'm just not living in that perfect world! : )

Dawn Jones

Absolutely Brilliant!!! Loved this so much .....AND ... he made it for ME!! ;)

Traci Cornelius

That is the best!!! I laughed so much and I am so glad I am not the only one that has a partner like that, honestly mark would have been exactly the same!!!

Anita A

Too funny!

Dianne Sisneros

Love this, Dawn. What a trooper he is.

Melanie Chehorsky

Your hubby is the BEST!!! He better be careful, we may want more stamping from him!! I'm laughing so hard :) Thanks for sharing.


i love your dude


Aw--so cute! Your husband could work with you sometimes!!!

Vicki H.

Oh my. Great comedy duos. Laurel and Hardy, Stanley and Ollie, Jerry Lewis and Dean Martin and now... Dawn and Richard!! hehehe. Brilliant.


You def got a keeper there, Dawn! Thx, you two, for the smiles!


Loved it! What fun you must have together! And you're also married to each other and still having fun together lol!It was as much fun to see him open up the kit as it was to see him make a project. It's his kit so if he doesn't clean the stamps completely, it will be his issue. Thank you for the video!


I was impressed at how well he did opening up the stamp pad. I am a demo. I practiced 15 times opening a stamp pad before my first event and I still had trouble. Now that I have done more events, I'm getting better at putting lids back on that have been pulled off. Should the 2 of you make a video for competition at Convention?

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