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November 30, 2012



I am so happy that you did this video! I love that card!!

Kristie Maynard

Love this fold! I just did it with a 8x8 piece to practice and it worked out great. Such a beautiful card!

Susan from Colorado

Dawn you always come up with great card ideas. Absolutely love this!! Can't wait for your envelope. Thanks so much for sharing with us!

Beverly Browning

Do I love this card or what? I'll be making several of these to have on hand for those special birthdays. I know for sure this will be what I use when I send out my cards for the 4th of July. Best I get started on making the "kit" since I sent out about 20 so I can have my own little assembly line.

Hubby's card was perfect!

Thank you for another marvelous card.

Becky Green

GREAT VIDEO DAWN!!!!!!!! You make it look SOOO EASY!!!!!!! :) Can't wait to see that ENVELOPE!!!! :)


Thank you sooooo much for this video and for all the others.. I learn so much from you and you make things so easy to learn..
Have a great weekend!


I really like this card. Elegant but simple to make for both genders.

Judy Boyd

What a beautiful card! I needed something more intricate for a group of ladies that are having a workshop and this fits the bill. Thank you so much for all the hard work and thought you put into each project and video. We appreciate you very much!
I am embarking on a new stage of my life as I just retired and also signed up to be an independent S U demonstrator. You really inspire me.


Thank you!! I just love this card, i´d just made one myself!!
Thank you again!! Love Brittis


Hi Dawn
Greetings from Perth, Western Australia
I love your posts, only sorry that I am unable to purchase from you. Keep them coming as you are an inspiration
Looking forward to receiving lots more posts

Sheila Pybus


Thanks for sharing the video Dawn, love it. I too made one smaller 8 x 8 and I love it, wasn't sure it would work but it did and I love it, just need to figure out the measurements for the triangles. :) Still trying to ace those measurements.


Thank you!!
I have made one of my self. If you want you can see it on my blog. /Love Brittis


I made these some time ago, but I still had to watch you just cuz you are so much fun! :o)

Barbara Dulin

Love Love Love! Thanks for a wonderful video!

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