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May 03, 2012


comparatif mutuelles

hello, I really like your website, but I can't see the pics, is it a problem with my browser ? (I'm using google chrome)

Bye bye,


Terry Ore

I love this!

How would you make a card using this method that you mentioned in the ideo? I can see this as a graduation card.

Becky Green

SUPER CUTE DAWN!!!!!! I also like the one you did before!!!!( I have that stamp set too! ) :) Thanks Dawn! Hope you're having a BLAST!!!!!!!!!!! :)

Cheryl McAskill

Both ways are great! Love the mini album idea!! and a great card too! Thanks for sharing!


Thanks Dawn. A very cute idea to turn it into a mini photo album. I just love that colour and will be sad to see it go in the future.

Ter ;)


hi dawn i love your work and this card is a great idea is there a way we can print out your step by step
cheers susan from [Australia]


Thank you for showing us all this! I just love it!!
Thanks Brittis

Comparateur mutuelle

Thanks, very interesting article, keep up it coming :)

Sharon Kapfer

When using double sided paper you can fold the top flap back and have a little pocket to put a note or gift card inside. I just taped the top flap down in the back. Love Love your demos!

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