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March 23, 2012


Penny Peters

That is so adorable! Love the new technique, thank you Dawn!

Chasity Marquez

Love your enthusiasm, as usual! What a cute little idea, and so easy to do!

Anna Argentieri

The scratch idea is very nice. And I can just immagine the bulb moment!
But what really impressed me was the fact that you have personalised soap :-)
Are you buying Dawn soap on purpose or by coincidence??
Have a nice day !
Cheers from Rome (Italy).

jan mougel

Super neat idea. This card is so adorable. This maybe a good idea for a card for fathers day. I am always trying to give my hubby somthing different.


Karen Smith

You're a genius for thinking of the window sheet solution, and you're so generous to offer such an innovative tutorial. It always cheers me up to watch one of your videos, Dawn - you're great therapy!

Linda Miller

Super "light-bulb" moment! Love this new idea Dawn. Thanks for sharing. Linda :)


Great idea, and how about if you put a scratch off (lottery ticket) under the flap so that they can use the stick to scratch that off as well? That is what i am planning on doing, thanks Dawn, you are the tops!!!

Carol Lucas

Wonderful idea. Anyone would love a little surprise like this on a card. Thanks for sharing! (Cute card, too!)

Melissa Flieg

Very creative idea. I'm going to have to try this one.

Kathy Howes

Wonderful idea Dawn, thanks for sharing!!!


Thank you Dawn for a great tutorial. I can see I will have to test it out for my niece's birthday card next month.

Jan D.

Love this....I actually have a stamp that's designed to do like a scratch off, but no instructions came with it to tell you how to cover up the messages underneath....now I know. I tried dripping wax over the messages I wanted to cover, but that didn't work well at all.

Question....does the paint have to be grey?

 Becky Green

Knowing ME, I'd get the Curly Label upside down without putting an arrow on the backside of the Elementry Elegance piece!!!!! LOL LOOOOOOOVE your light bulb moment!!!! That stuff IS hard to scratch off on contact paper!!!!!! Thanks Dawn!!!!!! :)I can hear your EXCITEMENT!!!!!!!!!! :)


Definitely a fun technique! Can't wait to try it. I had to rewatch the first half. Thought it was funny that I hadn't notice the bear's tummy was gray on one card! LOL!

Bridgett Owens

I love that!!!!!! :)

Lisa Sornson

That is sooooooo cute, you're the bomb!!


I didn't think I wanted to do a scratch off card - but you make it look so fun and easy!! Thanks Dawn!

Wendy aka Roo

This is just the cutest! What a great idea!
Puppy Hugs,

Brenda Myers

Thank you for sharing!! Love it!! It'd be cool to use a color of paint that matches your project. You'd just have to make sure they knew what to scratch. :)

Deb B (Debadoo)

That is brilliant!!! Wow, thanks so much for sharing this. I see this as a great guy card especially. Do homemade lottery type tickets. Instead of coupons, you can put several possibles that he could win, then he scratches off to see which one he won! And if you're feeling generous, the scratch off could say, you won it all. Great for kids cards too. I don't have the adhesive sheets, but will try some wider redliner I have and just cut it rather than punch it. Can't wait to try this!

Arlene Korotka

Hi Dawn, I love your scratch off card but I must have missed something. Where did you put the extra scratch offs? The ones you used the Curly label punch with? I want to try to make this in the next couple of days. Please help! Thank you for all the work you put into your blog. Love it and all your efforts.

Katye Harris

oh. my.gosh! So cute...I had seen the formula for scratch-off before, but had no idea what to do with it (duh!)...thank you for sharing some stinking adorable ideas!!

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