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September 23, 2011



So cute! A little tip for getting your rolls flat - run it through your big shot after you've hand flattened it and it'll make it lay completely flat or put it under something really heavy for a bit. Love your videos :)


Hi! Dawn,
If you iron the toilet paper rolls before adhering the paper, they will be perfectly flat and will stay that way. Thanks for sharing!

Julie Pilch

What a completely fantastic idea!!! Can't wait to try it!


Do you think some Tombow would work instead of sticky strip? I have 20 cheerleaders I have to make albums for and that could get quite expensive?


Forgot to say how super fabulous this idea is. I have about 200 toilet paper rolls in bags, I know, crazy...but I just KNEW they could be good for something someday. I used to make firecrackers filled with candy for the football players but they would leave the trash all over the field so I couldn't do that anymore and by then I was in the habit of saving them. NOW I have something to do with them! YAY, I just have to flatten them to store, I was always afraid to squish them for fear I couldn't use them!

Thanks so much for this idea. I would make a great card too...you could stick money on the tabs...

Shala Carter

I"m on my way to the bathroom to scrounge supplies. :)

Stephanie Hargis

Oh my word! This is such an awesome idea! I have a quick question for you, do you have a video or blog post explaining how you set up your camera to make your videos? I've been trying to find a good setup and I can't seem to find one that works! Thanks so much Dawn! :)

Sandy Glover

I saw these on You Tube. So cute


Thanks Dawn, I wil be making these. They are way too cute!

Heather Donahue

You are a stinkin' GENIOUS! I'm so making these for Christmas gifts!!

Shelly Schmidt

Love this- I am going to make one of these...theme unknown....! Thanks for all of the great visuals!


Love this project. My daughter and I are scrapbook partner's in crime. We each chose a Halloween project, have a nice Fall meal and yummy Halloween dessert at my house and exchange a surprise Halloween gift. This is perfect...and now I have something to do with all those toilet paper rolls. I know, but I am the Queen of Recycling so this is right up my alley. With our luck, we'll end up with the same project...you don't know how often that happens, like 99% of time. lol! Heading to my scrap room now. Thanks for sharing.

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