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September 15, 2011


Cheryl W

Those outtakes are so much fun! Thank you for sharing them.

Shelly Smarzik

Dawn, I feel your pain.. I laughed right along with you on this because the last video I made, I must have had 15 out takes!
Keep the videos coming!

jo ann

looooooooooove your video goofs!!!
LOL and hugs, jo ann.

Susan from Colorado

Dawn, giggle, giggle, snort...love this clip and I LOVE your daughter! All my girls are grown up and miles away. I miss them sooo much. Hearing your silly daughter makes me smile and remember the goofy times we use to have. Enjoy her being close by :)

Christina D

Gee, I do this all the time! You do make some gorgeous art though!!

Katie Parrish

You two are SO funny!

patricia p.

Funny to hear the two of you having so much fun...yeahhhhh


I can't imagine you getting anything done when Jessie's with you - you guys must be laughing your pants off the entire time!
How cool that you have that great of a relationship with each other.


Hee hee love it! Thanks for sharing the funnies :)


It is so obvious you enjoy your daughter! What a blessing! And we get to enjoy you both!


I think you need to leave them in...adorable!!!!

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