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May 19, 2011



Hi Dawn~
Thanks for turning me on to this! I love it and my nails are finally growing - hoooray!
My nail tech has me soak my nails in the pure acetone, also, but puts the bowl into another bowl that has super hot water in it. She said that it seems to come off faster and cleaner. Thought I'd pass this along.
Thanks again!


I'm sorry to put a somewhat negative comment; however, I an doing this out of concerned. I heard by a Medical doctor that you can get Melanoma (cancer of the skin) from the UV lights!! Although pretty and lasting the Shellac system seems a bit scary to me personally, I do have fair skin and "burn" easily. Thank you for your tutorial and let me just tell you also I love all of you videos and THANK YOU for all you do for us visual people!!


Love it! How much was the light? I want to do this at home but I'm afraid I'll purchase the wrong light!


I have a friend who also burns easily. My salon has her apply sunscreen and then put on some tight fitting gloves that has the tips cut out so only the nails are exposed. Of course, you have to use polish remover to insure the nails are clean and oil free before applying the polish, She gets to enjoy the benefit of the Shellac nails without exposure to the UV light!

Jeanne D in Oregon

Dawn...Thank you for this shellac video. Where can I get the CND system and shellac nail polishes and supplies? I've heard really good things about this product and appreciate you stepping outside your stamping world to tell us about it.
[email protected]


i am a license cosmetologist am i able to apply shellac nail polish to customers in my salon or do i have to be a nail tech ?

Karla, a Cali Girl Livin' in Idaho

If you are a licensed cosmo. then you can apply the shellac with the license you have in your salon. Dawn, are you a licensed cosmo. or nail tech? Just wondering how you are getting your product and the light? It's a great product and everyone in Idaho loves it. $25 for the service in south eastern Idaho. Love your site!


The polish peels off of my nails. Could I be putting it on too thick? Also, if it gets on my skin, it peels off the skin, but keeps peeling right off of the nail.
My cousin has the system, and I do my nails at her house.


Dawn Griffith

JT : I think you may be applying it to thick try thinner coats .even the base coat and top coat should be thin .
I hope this helps

Queen of Cheap

Hi Dawn:
I love Shellac and I wrote a review of my own. I want to ask you a question? Can I use a regular color with the base and top Shellac coats and still last me 2 weeks? Have you tried it doing something like that? I don't want to go to the salon and drop $30 on a sure to fail experiment.

Thanks for your reply :)

Jennifer Lambert

The Lights used for Gel Polish are different than what is used for tanning. Calling 1-800-833-nail will get u to CND's hotline where these questions can be posed. Also Please look up Chemist Doug Schoon a leader in the nail industy for a complete understanding of the U.V. Gel process and for a clearer understanding of the risks associated in using gels or gel like products. I am a licenced nail artist in Ohio and a former Educator with a leading nail company. Based on years of education most dangers in the use of gel is from unlicenced or licenced but uneducated people using professional product. ALWAYS take the manufacturers class when using their products to ensure a safe service.

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