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May 12, 2011



I am soooooooo happy you are back doing videos!!

Jordan Fuller

Love Them!!! I have been checking every morning for your videos! What a great way to start out my day!! Thank You So much for sharing your talents!

mary jo

Love your blog but so glad to hear you today! I've missed your videos and cheery voice!! Have a great day. MJ

Diana J.

Love that punch! Thanks for showing the 3 different designs it punches; the catalog wasn't clear enough for me.

I am so doing the happy dance this morning after today's video. I missed your cheerful voice and am so glad that your computer is fixed.

Lena Løken

Good to have you back :-)

Mimi Harris

She'ssssssssssssss back! Thank goodness ~ we missed you, Dawn. Hope you can get some videos posted of the cards you made while your computer was down..hint, hint, hint.

Karen Smith

You're back with a bang, Dawn! What a good video you've made for us! Thanks!


Yay! Welcome back! With a cute card and new product, no less! NEED to get this punch! ((and are your nails shellac'd again? :))


Welcome back. It is so nice to hear your voice agin and see your creativity in action:)

Anita A

Cute cards! What an awesome new punch!


Missed hearing your sweet voice, encouraging us on as you teach! Thank you for sharing your talents!

Nancy W

Oh boy am I glad you are back. I have missed you and your videos. Hopefully that won't happen again to your computer huh?
Thanks for sharing!

pat p

So happy to see you back Dawn. We all missed your video's and cheerful personality...love it...ha ha ha



So cute! Even your nail polish matches your paper. Glad your back, I missed your videos.
Ter ;)


I'm so glad that your back...I sure did miss you
thank you for such a cute video

Patrice Orand

I have learned sooooo much from you. Many thanks!

Maggie Funke

FYI: take the ring that is left, cut one side. Take your stylus and rub all along it until it starts to curl. Curl into a perfect little rose. Secure with dots or liquid glue.
PS I love your videos and have learned a lot from them. Thanks.
[email protected]

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