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May 13, 2011


Pam Goodwin

Very Cute, can't wait to try this.... So glad your computer is repaired, missed you and your videos

marie denise


merci pour cette vidéo

tres joli mini album pour mettre dans mon sac

mariedenise démonstratrice stampin'up

Sue Kment

Fun project Dawn! You know if you are really careful to tape the pages, you can leave them as pockets for little tags too! Love that paper!

Maria L. (Canada)

I am so GLAD you're back !!
I love love love this mini album.
I'm going to start one right now....it is a rainy day today and everything points that it will be raining all day....what a perfect time for me to spend HOURS in my craft room.
so glad you're back.
Have a great day

Susan from Colorado

Dawn it is sooooo good to have you back! This project is so fun! Can't wait to give it a try..thanks for sharing with us!

Ann Lang

Hey dawn,
I have been making these book for a long time, BUT it is very fun to make it into a pull tab book, but glueing the bottoms shut you can make a pull tab up, by sliding the tab up. Then make the sides a pull tab buy glueing all the tops or bottom. Hope this is a improvment on a aready fun book. This is my idea I din't see it anyone else's web sight so go happy with it. I hope you LOVE IT!! I am happy customer. Ann Lang
If you don't understamd I will send you a copy.


This is sooo super cute!!! Gonna make one for all the teachers for end of the year gifts!

Ad K.

Welcome back...we have missed your wonderful videos! I have wanted to make one of these cute little books for a long time now, thanks for the great video, it looks so much easier than how it was first explained to me. It will be a rainy, cool weekend here, so perfect for me to vanish for a few hours and make some of these! Thanks again,Dawn.

pat p

A nice little book there Dawn. I just love the cover of it too it would make a great card too. Fun.



I absolutely love this mini album.I saw the video early friday morning and then couldn't sleep.Didn't have double sided paper in that size so I decided to reduce it so that I could use a 8 1/2 x 11.Well it's now 5 a.m. and my husband wanted to know when i was going to bed.I stopped for now but needed to check the e-mail and send you a quick kudos on all your wonderful projects.I am so very glad your back as I was having dawn withdraw big time.Not to want you to ever feel pressure to perform (you must always take time for yourself and family first)but just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate all your time and efforts.P.S.Darn it anyway I've been wanting the birdie punch but keep putting it off in lu of other items,now I might have to get it sooner than later.Thanks again.
aka Karen

Susan DR

OMG - how wonderful to see your video this morning. I decided this week to make 4 of these (I just found an unfinished one I made at a make and take years ago that I was going to use as my guide). Yesterday I went out and bought the paper I needed and today I was going to figure out what to do. I am making 4 of these for my daughter and her roommates for their graduation next week. (Nothing like waiting till the last minute LOL!) Now, this process will go so much faster! Thanks so much for the video - it was great! I always love your projects and videos - you do beautiful work and your videos make it so easy. LOVE IT!!!


So adorable! you're the best :)


great video! thanks for sharing. This will be on my punch inspiration blog post today.


Sa...weet!!! I love it! can't wait to make one...I just love all of your ideas!!!

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