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March 24, 2011


Betty Murphy

You know, we should all be poked with a paper piercer -- that makes so much sense; make a template - why didn't I think of it! Maybe now I'll look at the stamp set and punch as user friendly. Thanks for the giving me the nudge and helping us save TIME AND SUPPLIES!

Kathy Spencer

Hi Dawn,
I have to tell you how much I LOVE your blog. From seeing your family and the uplifting songs on Sunday's posts, and obviously the fantastically great Stampin Up ideas. You brighten each of my days. I wish you the Best.
Kathy Spencer (in London, ON)
ps today's is super!!!!


oh my, yes super easy

Sharie Wilson

Good Mnorning Dawn and Family,
Wow, what a great tip.. Thanks for all your wonderful creations you share with us all.. Your wonderful perky attitude just makes my day, and I have been checking out your blog for a few years.
The Stampin World and SU is lucky to have you. Keep on keepin on..
Many blessings to you and your family
Sharie ( Palmdale, CA )

Nicole F, UK

What a great tip! Should have been obvious really - but needed you to think of it! Thanks so much for sharing!


You are way too cool!! This is PERFECT. Thanks for sharing!! txjennywren.blogspot.com


That is THE best tip ever!!! I cannot wait to revisit this set and punch - it has had me so puzzled!!! THANK YOU!!!!

Seongsook Duncan

What such a GREAT idea! Thanks for the tip!

Tanja Fussell

Way cool! You're a stamping genius!!!

Matilde Hanna

Dawn, you are a genius!!!! Thank you so much - loved the punch but had not figured out how to stamp/punch!! Thanks for the Tip! You are still my favorite inspiration!

bonnie weiss

Not only do you have the beauty ... you have the brains too! Something so simple and yet, I NEVER would have thought about doing it. Thanks for sharing your this invaluable tip, Dawn.




I love your video's and now that I'm retired I'm looking for your new one's all the time

Heidi Gore

And THIS is why you are the QUEEN of stamping. So easy, but I never would have thought of that.

Sharon Brown

Hi Dawn

I was using this punch and stamp set the other night first time and looked up a couple videos on the net. I thought "there has to be a better way than these", and remembered how you said you always make a template with your punches so you can see if they will suit the card you are making. Well "Template" was the key word and my friend and I did just what you are proposing here. This would also work with the cupcake punch would it not? As always you are awesome.Thanks for all your great tips.
Sharon / Ontario Canada

Alice Shaw

Dawn, great card, as usual. However, I would like to know what happened to your shellaced (sp?) nails. Weren't they supposed to last for 2 weeks? (They looked great, by the way. And it was fun to get to see you instead of just your hands!)

Susan from Colorado

Genious! What more can I say?


I would have NEVER figured this out! thanks for posting the tip and the bright colors. :)

Debbie van Dijk

Wonderful,Great,Super,need I say more!~~ Thank you from my whole stamping group for the flower punch tip!!! Sending you flowers and love

Theresa Fredrickson

Just got my punch and stamp set today. Thank you so much for this video. It will make punching so much easier.
Theresa in Kitimat


You always have the most clever ideas. Thanks so much for sharing this great tip.

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