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February 18, 2011


Jan Elmore

I absolutely love 'em. You're the best! My mission is to find pretty cans and convince all my friends to drink up!

Thanks for all you do for us!

Gina Wrona

Had a great time making these at our club meeting!



Wow Dawn...these are AMAZING, I luv it! What a fun way to recycle! Thanks for sharing!


Hi Dawn,
I love this die. Love your idea! Thanks for sharing!


WOW!! love this idea!! Off I go to make some:) Love your blog Dawn!!

Mimi Harris

Dawn, have you thought about using a pencil (or chopstick) to slightly bend each petal downward to give them a more rounded look? It might also keep the tips from being too "poke-y". I can hardly wait to make some of these and I bet there are LOTS of other things we gals can come up with using the cans and the Big Shot. LOVE your videos!

Jan Pippin

I guess I will have to break down and get the daisy flower die....love this...will make great gifts for the women I work with at Christmas...I am retired and work 8 weeks typing for The Salvation Army and love to give the other women a little something...thanks for all your sharing...Jan

Carole Miller

Too cool. Guess I'm going to have to find some colorful cans and try making some of those lovely flowers. Thanks for the idea.

Carole Miller

Bonnie S

These are really great!! Now I need to start drinking some of this tea or finding cans to recycle, since I don't drink pop. I am assuming that you can only have one thickness to cut at a time. And I was wondering if you have tried this with any of the other flower dies?
Thanks so much for sharing, and God bless,
Bonnie S

Heather B

I love these pins! I think this is the next girlfriends craft project. Is the black circle paper? TFS!


Love your video! Another tip is to use felt on the back, run the pin through the felt and then glue on to the tin. We did these at a demo meeting a couple of months ago, so much fun!

Susan Helfrich


Love them! Someone on Thursday asked me if I could make some buttons for servers at a breakfast and there you are with your great idea! I do have a question though...does this harm the die in any way? Should you limit how many you do to keep from dulling the die?




Thanks so much for sharing Dawn! Always a pleasure to watch your videos....


So COOL!!!!!!!! Gonna have to save my $$ and get the die needed to make these...got a young little gal who loves to do crafts with me and I'm sure this will be a big hit!!

Thanks for sharing the idea..."LOVE'IT" as you always say :)

Have a good weekend..and NO MORE SNOW (here in Michgan)...


Cute pins ! thanks for sharing Dawn ! Didn't realize you could do so much with a pop can !

Margery Meadows

You are truly amazing! I have all sorts of ideas on how to use these pins - what great gifts they will make for my friends who are avid knitters. I just love, love, love your videos, as well as your attitude and your creativity. You are "one of a kind."



What an awesome idea!!! Great way to recycle, too!!! Can't wait to tr them!!!


Super cute! I have made candle holders with the large flower die (I even impressed my son with an Arizona ice tea set) And I loved the comment about your little stampers- that was so great because I do case some of your ideas with my DD (who just turned 6)She loves watching your videos.

Cecelia McKnight

Dawn, Thanks for sharing this cute idea. I've already made 6 of them. My die is a different flower and the center hole is smaller so a brad fits perfectly, but I did glue some of the leftover circles in the center anyway. I curled the ends of my petals since you liked the look of the one on your coat. I gently pulled the ends of the petals across my closed scissors (like you do when you're curling ribbon). You can also do this with your fingers or with a pencil. Now I have others saving cans for me. Thanks again for all your wonderful projects.

Belinda Hayner

I broke down and finally bought a Big Shot for my Birthday because of your pop can pins..Love it!!!!! I work at a club and been saving lots of cans;) I had a shift drink and choose an O'Douls opened it and dumped it down the drain you should of seen the looks I got I said I just want this cool green can for St Paddys day..Then I bought a case of 7UP and let my grandkids have as much as they could drink because there mom wanted pins for all her co-workers...I just love all you ideas you crafty woman:)

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