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October 28, 2010



Hi Dawn,

Thanks for sharing. I glad to know that you make mistakes too on you videos!!!

I love your videos.



It's nice to know I am not the only one who makes mistakes. Too funny. Have a great weekend.

Dali P

Those were funny! TFS


Oh my goodness, you are human :) You always present such a perfect and I mean awesome and just so amazing video that it is helpful for me to know that you do make mistakes occassionally. Anyway love all of your videos. Thanks so much, Carolyn

Maria L. (Canada)

(Sigh) Glad to see that I am not the only one making mistakes :-) LOVE your videos and your projects, keep them coming...you are a GREAT teacher, I am a visual person and you make everything so understandable and easy to follow.
Have a great day

Dolly G

Love it, Love you......

Chris in CO

Good grief, you stay professional sounding even with goofs!! Love it!!
And I love your videos and instructions and projects. Thanks!


HA HA HA HA HA ... Oh my, that was so funny. It's good to be reminded that everyone is human and that to err ... and so on.

Thanks for giving me a good dose of laughter. Big hugs.

Kelli Moldenhauer

Love it thanks for the laughs today


Hahahahahahaha! These are my favorite kinds of videos!

Many Blessings,


Love bloopers, love your videos, love your cards!!!

Nita Ferguson

Dawn, you are so down to earth!!! That was very funny.


Happy Halloween! Happy Everything! Happy Happy Happy you made me....those goofs were great! LOL!


Isn't it fun to laugh at ourselves. Well in my case everyone else does so why not I LOL.
I also did a bloopers video. Too fun.

Tina Marie

TFS that was funny - loved you looking for the 2nd eye!!!

Kerri D

Good to see you're human after all. Who'd have ever thought you got tongue tied after watching all you videos...lol. Love the inspiration you give, keep up the great work!

Nancy S

Such a Kodak moment. Glad to know that you are just like the rest of us - JUST PERFECT - as long as no one else is looking!

Sylvia Cuillo

You made my day!!! Loved it!!! Thank you!!!


I had a bad day. Close to tears several times. Then your video! Thanks! I needed that!


*gasp* You're not perfect?????????


I say keep going. We don't need perfect videos!! We just appreciate you sharing your creativity!

Mary Cardini- Anderson

Thank you for making me laugh. :)


joanne r

I get my confidence to do my crafts from watching your videos and to see you make erros just encourages me to keep trying Please don't stop what you're doing


Isn't that just how things go sometimes. We try so hard and we still goof up. Oh well it's good for a laugh or two. Thanks for always sharing such good ideas.

Linda Henry

Very funny...at least there were no bleeps! I always enjoy Your videos...keep up the great work!


I had such a good laugh..... it was the 'where did the 2nd eye go' that got me really laughing. I thoroughly enjoy your video's and really enjoyed these 'goofs'.


Hi Dawn,
I don`t know what is "goof". Now I know it and it was great. Thank you.
Bye from Germany

Kimberly S.

LOVED that!! I've always thought...."I could NEVER make a video....I'd ALWAYS mess up something!" Thanks for sharing your goofs!! It's nice to know we're ALL human!! LOL


This was so funny. I love watching people mess up. Does that make me mean? LOL
Glad to know I am not the only one who does a video a gazillion times before it is ok for others to see.
Thanks for the laugh
Have a great weekend


Thanks for my GIGGLE for the week, too funny. Love it! You are so cute and I just love your videos. It's so good to see the goofies too! Keep smiling! Your work is just wonderful.


Love the bloopers!! TFS and thanks for doing videos showing your creations!


Dawn, thanks for sharing the mistakes! LOL! But, mostly, thanks for sharing your awesome videos and information! I'm a faithful reader and often use your ideas to create projects for my own blog: www.toocoolstamping.typepad.com.

Lise Boniferro

Hi Dawn...lol
Made my day.
Love bloopers...hehehehe
Glad that I'm not the only one with memory blanks :)

You do an excellent job of all your video tutorials.
I enjoy them a lot.
Thank you for sharing.

Lise L.B.

Lori A.

You are too cute! Thanks for sharing. :)

Barb Culbertson

Thanks for sharing the goofs. You are a stitch. I learn so much from you. Thank you for sharing, Barb

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What a fantastic thinking. I can wait to give it a shot ASAP after I get the pattern. Thank you for your punctuality on posting the tips which really help a lot!

Anna Allen

Man,did ever need that laugh today! I thought I was the only one that couldn't get the right words out. Dawn, I do this every time I have a workshop and my girls laugh at me all the time - they tell me that is what makes the workshop so much fun! Oh well.

PS: Thanks for all you do for us. You are an inspiration and keep those wonderful videos flowing. Simply Amazing Dawn

Always, :)


That was too cute! I love that you didn't get frustrated... you just kept going. Very funny, thanks for sharing!

Bridget Willis

That was cute. I would like to see more of these. Thanks for letting us see we all have days like that!


LOL! Now if I could learn how to edit my videos, I won't feel so bad about goofing. Even YOU make goofs! TFS!

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