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September 09, 2010


Laura Wilsher

Thanks for the great video. I missed the class on how to do this card years ago and have always wanted to do one. Now I can!



Love the waterfall card. How absolutely cute! Just think you can use this for any ocassion. How about a birthday with cupcakes decorated in different colors! Endless enjoyment

Susan from Colorado

Oh Dawn...I LOVE this card! I'll be making this one for the grnadkids this year..thanks so much. I really look forward to your video clips. Ü


that is super cute, i have made your waterfall cards before from seeing the other video and this one makes me want to try a halloween version again :) thanks so much you ROCK!


thanks for demystifying this technique with this tutorial. yours are always the best! i'll be posting a card i made using this technique tomorrow on my blog, but i won't give you credit for the tutorial until after my class. i want to keep the "how to" a secret so that the gals will be incented to come!

thanks for all you do!

Heidi Sorg

I love this video! I have never made a waterfall card & have always wanted to make one. Thank you for showing this video!!


Did you see that the video you made of this in May 2008 has had over 100,000 hits?!! You are famous!!


Hi Dawn
thanks again for the inspiration & great instructions!
Just wondering why you stapled the ribbon instead of using glue...
Diane from Toronto

Marilyn Beaumont

What a great card! I will have to try that one. Thank you so much for sharing with us!

Janelle Matthew

Hey Dawn, I love love love this card. People are always amazed when I give them a waterfall card. Thanks for being my stamoing mentor
Many Blessings

barbara lassiter

Thanks for the video! I made a waterfall card in a class before but your instructions are so much clearer than the class instructions. I want to try making more. Maybe I'll start with one for halloween!!!!


I love this card and the instructions you gave are fantastic! I didn't think I could do it but with your instructions I did it!!! I love your site and all your amazing projects! Thanks so very much for sharing your talents!

Jim Eber

I just posted photos of my card inspired by your video on my blog. Take a look - lpooljim.wordpress.com Thanks for stopping by.



Very cool waterfall card. I wondered how those were made. I do love your videos. Don't be mad...but I don't like the lead in/out music on them. It is too loud for my tastes. I cannot tell what they are singing about but what do I know?! Just ask my teenage daughter! LOL!

indoor waterfall

Its so simple yet so cool. Love to create one of that too. This clip is so cute and so adorable. Thanks for sharing this idea. I love this clip.


I am new to your blog, but have been enjoying your fun videos of your fabulous cards. Today I dared to make one of your waterfall cards, and your instructions made is so easy. Thank you, I just LOVE it! So I added it to my flickr. Thanks so much.

Becky Green

I LOOOOOOVE this! I'm going to try this tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!! I'll be thinking as I lay my head down to sleep tonight---That's when INSPIRATION hits me! :) This WILL be my project for tomorrow!!!!!!!!!! :) Thanks Dawn!!!! :)

Susan Rueda

OMG, what a great idea and it can be used for so many things. Thanks so much

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