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September 16, 2010



I've been Konading for almost a year and I "LOVE" it. Great video. I'm checking over your blog now.
I love the Konad polishes the best BUT their are many that use regular polishes. Here is the list of other polishes: http://sassestampingstampede.wordpress.com/polish/
It is best to use the Konad Top Coat but be sure there is a lot on your brush and sort of hover over the nail. Some use other top coats. Some smear the image.
I use felt squares that I cut myself to clean off my nails and the tools.
PS. You are gorgeous. :)


That is just SO COOL!!! Love it!!


I've been using Konad for 5 years now!!! They sell the plates (hundreds of them!) individually so I have a massive collection built up. Lol, stampaholics are always stampaholics, no matter what! Like Susie above ^^ I use the Konad Top Coat because regular ones smear. :(

Love your blog, by the way! I've been visiting for about 3 months now...everyday to see if you've posted something new!

Aloha oe, Dawn!


That's fabulous I've been wanting to get the Konad stuff for my daughter as she comes over and does my nails and toes hehe.. Thanks for the Demo


Very cool product, thanks so much for sharing how it works. Glad to know other people swear by it too! I love nail art! It always gives me a nice boost to my day and how fun to be able to do it yourself and have so many different designs to choose from. I too have been visiting for the past few months and love your videos! I also love the way you say "hi stampers" and "bye"!


Ooh, that's so cool! And quick too. Thanks Dawn.


This is too cute! I want to get it for my grand daughter, but I checked on the website and could not find the set you demo'd. Was it maybe a special at the time you bought it? Thanks Mimi

Becky Green

This is SOOOO COOOOOL!!!!!!!!! I don't wear nail polish anymore! I just buff my nails now BUT, if I were in my younger years!!!!! :) This REALLY is a NEAT product! Thanks for showing us! :)

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