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September 17, 2010



So cute Dawn! Love all the layers too. Was that thunder I heard on your video (about 3:45)? How appropriate while making a Halloween card! lol

Out of curiosity's sake, when you have to make all those cards, do you still cut your own cardstock, or do you take it to Staples or somewhere and have them cut it for you? I've thought about doing that for my Christmas cards but wasn't sure if it'd be worth the money.

Thanks for all your inspiration!


Dawn: How cute - I think the layers really make the card. I'm learning so much from your videos. I would never had thought to punch out the 31 and pop it up. I'm so one dimensional. Thanks for insipring me.

just a note for Jenny about cutting paper. I do a lot of printing on the computer for my cards and other things and I ALWAYS take my paper to get it cut when I have a large quanity. Just be careful where you take it. Some places are cheaper than others and because I'm getting paper cut a lot, sometime I get it cut for FREE! It is a time saver especially if you have a large quanity to do.
Thanks Dawn for your inspiration.


hey dawn i loooove your cards i go on this site every morning to check out what to have which i always love!!!! I want to stamp but the supplies can get so expensive... i do what i can though:) I wonder how long it takes you to make one of those swaps after doing soooo many? 3 minutes? less? haha anyways i'll always be checking out your site and thank you so much for sharing your creativity :)


I love that Wicked Cool stamp set! This is such an elegant card for Halloween. I can't believe you made all those cards! I always enjoy all your videos. I've taken so many notes, I've run out of note book pages!

shari (cricutrookie)

I read all your posts and love your work. I'm a lurker and don't usually comment. But I love, love,love this card. I can't imagine making that many. WOW!


Dear Dawn,
Thank you for remembering us! We thought you had forgotten.
Your Doodle Dots


I love all your posts. I especially love your video's. Thank you for all you hard work...

Becky Green

We don't celebrate Halloween, but this is SOOO CUTE! AND when you punched out the 31, I was surprised!I would have stopped right there with out that, I hadn't even thought of doing that! VERY NICE!!!!!!! :)

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